A week [or two] in photos

It feels like forever ago that I did my first week in photos post, but it's definitely inspired me to snap away at my mundane life again. 

I started project 365 earlier this year and despite promising myself I'd stick with it, the whole thing dwindled completely over summer. I was just having too much fun.

You'll forgive me right?

I'm sort of getting back into it - I reckon it's going to turn into a seasonal thing! 

Anyways, the week and a bit since my last post has been awesome, and there's plenty of photographic evidence to prove it!

Candycanes from a housemate. Yeah. They didn't last long.

A yummy Chritmas dinner at the pub. All the taste with none of the washing up!

A cheeky visit to the Clothes Show let me wear my new £6 leopard print maxi. And feathers.
I felt like a very confused, very tall breed of animal.

Every year I have one, and every year and want another. I may as well just take out some shares in Thornton's. YUM.

Finally got to come home for Christmas. It's going to be a hectic holiday, but for now I'm happy to just sit back and soak up all of this time with family and friends.

One reason for said hectic-ness is all the dissertation reading I've got to get done.
But when an author decides to put flying sheep on every page, I might just end up enjoying it. 

Me and my housemate had a Kings Of Leon evening to celebrate the end of term. We swigged beer, ate cookies, and swooned over Caleb. And Jared. And Matt. And Nathan.
I honestly thought I couldn't spend an evening doing anything better. Until yesterday...

Yup. I got to see the real thing. Three rows from the front.
I think I love them more than all the Thornton's chocolate in the world.
And believe me, that's saying something.
Look out for more on this later!


daisychain said...

Love them more than thorntons? IMPOSSIBLE x

Sherin said...

I love KOL!!! Totally jealous you were 3 rows from the front.
And the candy canes look delicious.

Unknown said...

Aw, not Matthew, surely! We call him the fugly cousin. Is that just really mean? Got KOL tix for next year - sucks you can only ever see them in ginormous places now.

Thumbs up on strawberry beer...

Maria Fallon said...

Laura - I know, I know. But it's true!

Sherin - Just wait for some more pics in a dedicated post :P so much looove

Little Scribbler- Yeeah!! Bless him he's lovely, and an AMAZING guitarist. I'mma see them next year too - but would def love a smaller venue :(


Unknown said...

yuum making me hungry x