Love in the post.

Grey top: Zara, Cardigan: Primark, Shorts: Urban Outfitters Sale, Belt: Charity Shop, Tights: Pretty Polly courtesy of Legs Love, Shoes: Deichmann


Today is a good day. It's a snow laden, cake-eating, present-giving kind of day as it's my sisters 17th birthday. Though, between you and me I prefer to think of it as her 10th...again. There's no way she can be allowed to drive already. Frankly, I feel OLD.

Nevertheless, where there's a birthday there's cake and for that I have to be grateful [although I'm yet to see any....*plans kitchen search soon*]. 

While my sister was opening her presents earlier this morning, I had a wonderful little package to open myself as the lovely ladies at Legs Love sent me a sample from their site.

They sell a whole range of brands and designs, so I was thrilled to get some Pretty Polly tights as I've heard many a great thing about them, but never tried them out! 

I have to say that reviews scare me somewhat, in that although I'd always say what I think, there is bound to be a sense of guilt in admitting dislike to something that someone's been kind enough to send you. With these however, I needn't have worried. Seriously. The design is awesome - subtle and very wearable, and the tights themselves are such good quality. They put my Primark polka dots to shame.

The only thing that worried me as I pulled them out of the packet was whether they'd be long enough for me. As soon as I read that they fit up to 5"10 my heart sank a little, and even more when I read that they're one size only - I normally go for XXL [or as big as the shop stocks] so that they stretch to fit my legs comfortably. 
The Pretty Polly tights do fit thank goodness, but it did take some complex pulling up moves to get there. You should've seen me desperately trying to pull them on. So attractive. Luckily they look pretty good with shorts, maybe a bit better than with a skirt or dress, so there's no worry of them falling down. Cue sexy pulling up moves again.

So, many thanks to Marianne and Rebecca at Legs Love for sending such a lovely treat! Check out their video here on how to style your outfit with tights this Christmas.

Oh, and just to ruin the blogger illusion, I totally changed into my slippers after taking these photos.

Fetching, no?

P.S. If you're in the mood for some baking, check out my Christmas Morning Muffin recipe here - Santa himself would be proud ;)


Yu said...

Ok I have two things to say lovely Danni..

1) Why do you wear pants/long skirts with those legs?

2) I'm under the illusion that those tights will give me your legs atm so I'm sure they'll be happy with your review :)

Lots of love, trust all is well! :)

Maria Fallon said...

HAHA! Oh Yu you've made me giggle.

1) Never reeeally been comfortable with it, but I'm coming round to the idea!! Shorts are the way forward :P

2) Glad you liked it, and yes all is well this end thanks. Hope home is good!


Anonymous said...

I love those tights. and your necklace is lovely :)


Maria Fallon said...

ladderedtights : thanks! The necklace is just a Primark feather clip on an old chain thing. Simples XD


Steph & The Spaniels said...

wow you look stunning hunny :)
Really love this outfit!
I have bought some pretty polly tights recently- am yet to wear them, and I'm not sure they're even fit me with the 'one size'! Im tall, but I have chunky/fat legs too- so we shall see how I get on. Love the design of your ones

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Steph! Yeah the one size thing is a tad annoying, especially when their designs are so frikkin tempting!
Althoough, at least you can try out the sexy pulling-up moves and look as attractive as I did. [i.e. not very]


daisychain said...

they are fabulous! you look amazing. I'm the same with tights, anything less than an XL usually leaves me with the waistband somewhere around my crotch.

Ellie said...

ooh Danni! You look amazing. Why aren't you a model!? Craziness.

The tights are so cute cute, a better version of those stockings tights!

StephanieDJL said...

I love your outfit! Slippers included ;)

Unknown said...

Really cute outfit! Those tights look lovely as well, though too think for the weather we've got right now!

Sherin said...

Firstly, love the slippers!! I need a cosy pair like that.

This outfit is gorgeous. It looks so comfortable and stylish. The long cardi has actually captured my heart!! And the tights look really nice.

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

woah woah woah, you look so beautiful! your legs are so long and slim and quite franky i'm jealous. those tights look simply lovely on you and i adore your cardigan. i stand no chance of getting with robert sheehan what with you looking like that!

we are a bit obsessed with him, aren't we? i plan to talk to you about him forever, just so you know. hehe. xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Laura - yay! Another XL tights girl. Personally I tihnk the waist-at-the-crotch-trend is completely underrated, and we should embrace it. I'm just not sure the rest of the world is ready for that...

Eleanor - bless you, you're far too kind! Yeah I prefer them to the hold-ups style ones, not keen on the straps they print on that style! This is the perfect compromise!

Stephanie - thanks :) Matalans finest ;P

Harriet- yeah the outfit isn't exactly weather-appropriate, but I was stuck inside all day eating party food so it's aaall good XD

Sherin- they are indeed v cosy! And the cardi was only £7 - bargain :D

Jazz- haha, why thank you. Although I could say the same about you! And yes, yes we are. My sister's on the case too...we'll form a fan club at this rate!


Unknown said...

Amazing tights, amazing legs, sorry if I sound like a bit of a perv, but we need to see more of them on this blog!

Maria Fallon said...

Pahaa!! Oh bless you Kristabel. Not sure they'll be out much but maybe if I buy lots more tights I could be tempted?! [any excuse to buy more :P]


Victoria said...

hehe no shame in slippers! :) x

Anonymous said...

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