Moody blues...

When you are feeling blue, and it's raining outside, comfy layers are key. I almost feel embarrassed to be posting what is essentially jeans and a comfy jumper and calling it an outfit, but this blog reflects what I actually wear and do, so apologies for the lack of glamour at High Fashion HQ chez Fallon ;)

Jacket: M&S via charity shop, jumper:ASDA, top: Dorothy Perkins, jeans: Topshop, shoes: Office
 I have had this jacket for years and it has been passed round various people (including Mark's mum!) but it has found its way back into my wardrobe. It is a very light linen which is perfect for adding an extra layer but it completely lacks any shape which makes me look a bit blocky unfortunately! 

I bought this jumper out of necessity when I was in town the one day without a coat and the loose swing shape reminds me of something I would wear on a typical day at the beach in a British Summer! My mum had a jumper that was fairly similar in colour and style to this when I was younger and it makes me nostalgic  for all our family holidays. 

I balanced out the shape of the jumper with the skinny jeans and it resulted in a very cosy outfit that was perfect for another grey day. Not ground-breaking but hey, a girl can't sit FROW and eat cupcakes every day!

What do you wear when you're feeling blue? Which clothes make you nostalgic?


Sherin said...

Looks like a perfect laid back look. That's what I wear most days too. The colour of the flats look great.

Gem said...

love the mix of stripes here. I wear pumps and a stripey dress to work, or black dresses. Like you said, can't be super glam everyday and comfort is key! x

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the jumper, reminds me of something my mum used to have too. Must be a mum thing

Sarah P said...

Ahh I really like the jumper :) <3 I'm like you - really don't see the point in dressing up too much just to lounge around the house. You still look lovely though!

Wish this rain would stop now. Would like the chance to throw on some summer dresses!


Unknown said...

Aaaw I hope you don't feel literally blue! I know the weather is pretty pants at the moment but it will improve :) You look very snuggly, this is my sort of go-to outfit too, I LIVE in my Uniqlo skinnies! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad