BBQs in Bristol...

A long overdue catch-up with some of my best friends this weekend, it's rare that we are all in the same place at the same time but a few of us made the trip to Bristol to see Cindy and Dan and celebrate their engagement which was really fun. We spent the whole weekend eating, drinking and laughing so much that I couldn't breathe- definitely the best kind of weekend and just what I needed after a pretty stressful week...

♥ Sophie and me
♥ Oli and me
♥ Chopping potatoes to make garlic and rosemary potatoes (which were beyond divine)
♥ Dan firing up the barbeque
♥ Brunel and the SS Great Britain
♥ Pegging up Mark...
♥ A nice glass of wine in  the sunshine
♥ Cindy & Dan's newly redone garden
♥ Mark falling off the hammock (after dying of laughter at Mark falling foul of the hammock, I also fell off but those photos are far too awful to share!)
♥ Oli nearly falling off...
♥ 'Very Pamp' wine- grapefruit laced rose- quite refreshing but the name was definitely the highlight of it- isn't pamplemousse the best word?!
♥ Cheesy pasta salad
♥ Barbecued chorizo- definitely my new favourite thing, barbequeing it, enhances the smokiness and I have to say, hot chorizo is just AMAZING. 
♥ Garlic stuffed olives
♥ My two girls 
♥ Every house should have magnetic letters!
♥ Mandarin and peach cheesecake


daisychain said...

Aw, that looks like such fun! xo

Caroline said...

It looks like you had lots of fun, I love a bbq!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

FAIIINT said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! The food looks divine, especially that peach cheesecake! Yum! Love the striped dress too, you look so 50's housewife chopping the potatoes in it! Hehe!

Anonymous said...

Aw such fun photos! I love your dress =)
PS now I'm craving cheese cake!

Clara Turbay said...

fun and yummie!