What I wore to work (part 2)...

It has been a while since I posted a 'series' of outfits on the blog, but most mornings I manage to get Mark to snap a few photos so it seems silly not to use them, even if they don't get a whole post to themselves! 

Dress: Tesco, cardigan: Tesco, shoes: New Look, necklace: New Look
Seemingly I only shop at 2 shops by the looks of things! ;) Another Tesco bargain which I felt needed a bright colour to jazz it up a little and this coral cardigan (also from Tesco!) did the job perfectly. 

Blouse: Topshop, skirt: H&M, blazer: New Look, belt: New Look, shoes: Office
I felt very prim and proper in this outfit, which I blame completely on this blouse, the colour always feels like I am going back to school. I just wish my school skirt had been purple instead!

Dress: Mango via eBay, blazer: ASOS, tights: Primark, necklace: ASOS, shoes: Office
 This is definitely one of those outfits which looked better in the flesh- the combination of the blazer with the dress felt very 80s... I'm not sure what was happening with my hair here either- it's gone crazy! 

Top: Reiss via charity shop, skirt: Miss Selfridge, jacket: Hobbs, belt: New Look, shoes: Buffalo c/o Spartoo, necklace:ASOS
 Another Reiss bargain from the charity shop! I love it when someone my size decides to clear out their wardrobe and donate it to the charity shop, guilt free clothes for me!

Top: Gap, skirt: Marks & Spencer via Jazmine, blazer: Tesco, necklace: Dorothy Perkins, shoes: Office
I call this my eccentric granny look, I think it's the mixture of the midi skirt and the piles of pearls (oh how I wish they were real!) I am definitely an early granny!

What do you wear to work? 


alliejayne said...

I love your workwear! Smart but with real personality :)



Sherin said...

Great looks! I love the first outfit so much. It's perfect for work, especially with the bright cardigan.

Nomad said...

Great outfits - I really can't decide which one is my favourite. I'm a midi skirt lady as well for work - though I tend to wear funny charm necklaces instead of pearls, lol :) x

Unknown said...

I love all of them but I think the last photo is my absolute favourite! I love that skirt on you, the colour and the shape are just so nice and suit you so well.

LillianZahra said...

Great work outfits. I love it when people wear colour to work - far too many people stick to black and grey! The red midi-skirt is looks lovely on you - I might have to go track that down! x

Gem said...

so chic and well put together. I'm not alwats thinking straight when I wake up at 6.30 so go to work in some pretty odd combinations x

daniela kate morosini said...

you have so many looks! i feel stuck in a rut now - totally gonna try new hair or something this week...xx

Sophie said...

You really are my inspiration for work well. You always look so smart!

Winnie said...

That purple pencil skirt is lovely! Hats off to you for getting Mark to snap a pic every morning. I never ever have enough time!

Law1sfab said...

The purple outfit is my fave, that pencil skirt is too cute and I also love the last outfit. I think it's great to share inspiration for work wear, as it can be tricky. xxx