Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lilac dreams...

The light here in the morning is beautiful, it casts a peachy glow over everything but it never seems to translate in photographs. I'm sure if we played around with the settings on our camera we could capture it much better but as with most things, a lack of time is what puts me off! I would love to have a variety of interesting backdrops for these photos, but working full time and leaving ridiculously early in the morning leaves me with literally 5 minutes to get these photos and it leaves me genuinely wondering, how do other bloggers in full time work do it?! It is so frustrating as I love blogging and I obviously want my photos to be as good as they can be but real life doesn't leave much wriggle room at the moment!

Dress: H&M via charity shop, top: Warehouse via charity shop, jacket: Principles, belt: Topshop vintage, shoes:Office
In the spirit of full matchy matchy-ness I dug out one of my favourite blushers, Summer Rose by Mac and my pinky violet lipstain from Max Factor (I ruddy love those lipstains!)

I came up with the idea for this outfit after Warehouse had a lilac skirt and white top combination on the mannequins in their store when I visited a few months back. I was tempted to buy the skirt and recreate the look myself but remembered I had this H&M dress to try it with instead. This top is so versatile, I love wearing it and it looks equally good with jeans and  shorts as it at does with skirts and would definitely recommend getting a top with an interesting hemline! 

Slowly trying to soften these shoes up, they are absolutely gorgeous but the leather is still very rigid, any ideas about how to soften them slightly? I want them to be as comfy as possible for when winter arrives again!

How do you make your photos as good as possible with very little time? Any ideas about how to soften my shoes up?


Nomad said...

Lovely top! Love it with that skirt. As a fellow 9-5er I just rely a lot on editing when I'm in a rush. Though I haven't taken an outfit post since I moved. Need to find a good place to take them. :) x

FromGemWithLove said...

You look lovely and so elegant mate! xx

Gem said...

I love love love this top, always look great no matter what you pair it with x

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the top :)

Winnie said...

You look lovely Maria, love the lilac and the shoes are great, hope they soften up though!

Eloise said...

I'm the same, rushing to get decent outfit photos in my little flat is awful which is why my outfits are few and far between!
Love love love this, the top is gorgeous and I think I want you to take me charity shop shopping!


Lace and Lavender Hints said...

Love the outfit, and the backdrop is great. I can't imagine how much time it would take to acutally try and do multiple backgrounds.


Lace and Lavender Hints said...

Love the outfit, and the backdrop is great. I can't imagine how much time it would take to acutally try and do multiple backgrounds.


Sarah P said...

The detail on the blouse is so pretty! Lovely outfit :)

The only way I know of softening the leather on shoes is to keep wearing them in! Let me know if you find any other handy ways! :)


Anonymous said...

I adore this outfit, very girly and elegant!


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