Day 2 in Italy: The Vatican, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain... (PICTURE HEAVY)

 St. Peter's, I went last year but we decided to go again as Mark had never been...
 Loads of statues lined the square...
 One must dress appropriately when visiting the Vatican
 The Cupola, which Mark climbed to the top of this year. I couldn't face it again - it is far too warm!
 The interior of the Cupola, looking up to the top. Every surface is covered in something, whether paintings or mosaics. I have no idea how they got up there to do it.
 This poster is hilarious. Roughly translates to: "Oh, to be that Coca-Cola bottle!"
 My amazing owl bag, which I used every day in Rome
 Me, back at the hotel
 Where we stayed was lovely, and amongst the newer buildings was this 18th century tower which was beautiful...
  Hotel buildings- imagine Travelodge transported to the Med...
  Beautiful sculptures in Piazza del Popolo- I am always amazed at the detailed carving for things that are 'just' in a public square! 
  Spanish steps- considering that this was about 7 o' clock at night it was really busy
  Trevi Fountain- a weird angle to try and hide the scaffolding. This year so many monuments had scaffolding up, it must be their year to tidy up!
♥ A rare photo of me and Mark...
  Beautiful lamppost
  Mark 'throwing a coin in the fountain' (stupidly we forgot to take any photos when he did it for real)
  I told you I would come back!
  The Victor Emmanuelle monument or 'Wedding Cake' taken from across the craziest round-about you'll ever see. No lanes, about five cars wide... it is true that you just have to cross and hope for the best! 

Another amazing day which was absolutely jam-packed, I figure if you have so much to see, you should really jam in as much as possible right?


Sherin said...

Looks like you're having such an amazing time! I loved seeing these pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

FAIIINT said...

Ahh, these & the previous posts photos are just beautiful! I really love the nighttime ones, Rome looks so beautiful all lit up doesn't it?! I really want to go back now after seeing these!
Looks like you had an awesome time & I look forward to seeing the rest! :)

Gem said...

you got some great photos! Really enjoying reading all your holiday posts xx