Thursday, 11 July 2013

Gingham and stripes...

Who would have thought that 12 years (!) after I left primary school I would be looking back to my uniform for style inspiration?! I spotted this beautiful dress when I was on holiday in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago in the window at Seasalt (a brand I am loving recently!) and I fell in love. I love gingham and midi dresses are all I want to wear in the summer. There's nothing better than lots of material to swoosh around in and to help me keep cool! I also like the fact that they are more work appropriate than a lot of my summer clothes, I never know what to wear to work when it's warm!
Dress: Seasalt, shoes: Dorothy Perkins, bag: Laura Ashley

An inadvertently pose-y photo of me and my sunglasses! It was super sunny so I did end up getting a bit burnt (despite wearing Factor 50!)- you just can't win with pale skin! I like the wind machine hair too, I knew there was an upside to gale force winds... ;)

I am a big fan of Seasalt clothing, their generous sizing gets a double thumbs up from me and I like the relaxed nautical feel of all their pieces. I have always found casual difficult to pull off (see this 2011 post for proof!) but I think I am starting to get the hang of it, what do you think? 

Are you a fan of Seasalt? How do you 'do' casual?


The Style Rawr said...

Haha, if it was all gingham it would definitely remind me of school uniform! I really like the tassel belt and the stripes on top. So cute and nautical! <3


char said...

I love the dress, such a perfect mix of the patterns. I've never had any Seasalt clothing before, but have heard quite a bit about them so perhaps need to check them out.

Annie said...

it's a v.pretty dress - nothing says summer like a bit of gingham! I just had a look on the seasalt website (it's all new to me) - damn they have some lovely dresses on there, and in the sale too!

Gem said...

my school summer dress was red gingham :) love the little nautical ropey belt x

daisychain said...

LOVE this dress Maria, LOVE! x

Chloee said...

this reminds me of my primary school summer dress, which was actually my fav dress ever

Chloe xx

Sherin said...

I really love gingham. I have a gingham dress which I really want to dig out of my closet now. This one looks great on you.

Jo said...

Gorgeous dress, it looks very cool and comfortable. I love Seasalt, although I only own a pair of floral wellies and a knitted stripey jumper (so far...!)

danniekate said...

gingham and stripes shouldn't work but it totally does! i did casual by turning up to a party in converse yesterday that turned out to be quite fancy, whoops...xx

shine star said...

Great post ;)
Amazing look!

Sarah said...

Maria this dress is beautiful! Perfect for this glorious weather!

Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post..
Would you like to follow each other..!!
Keep in touch,

duck in a dress said...

That dress looks fab on you!

I love Seasalt as well - such a great summery shop, my favourite item at the moment is the stripey Pippa dress in blue


I have way too many dresses though so can't really justify spending £35 on yet another dress, lovely as it is! :-) x


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