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Being a blogger can be a funny old hobby- you spend hours taking and editing photos to go in a blog post, agonizing over the words to write with the images (or is that just me?!) whilst trying to keep up with emails, social media updates and comments… all in the few hours you have free in a week. Clearly, something has to give. Recently I have been feeling so out of the loop with blogging, I have barely been posting, thanks to another bout of flu and it all starts to feel a little overwhelming when you start trying to cross things off your ever-growing to-do list (don’t even get me started on sponsored/collaborative posts!) Instead of stressing out about this, I have been trying to remind myself why I blog (this post may be from 2011 but I think it is just as relevant today!) and trying to get back to basics and doing what I love the most; sharing the outfits that I love with all of you wonderful people who read my little blog! 

Coat: Dannimac via Mum, top: Tesco,  tunic dress: Tesco, bodycon skirt: H&M, tights: Tesco, shoes: c/o Matalan, necklace: Accessorize.

It’s funny, these pictures were taken a few months ago (just look how long my hair is!) and I never posted them as I hated how I looked in them and I was convinced that I was hideous.  Yet when I look back at them now, I view them much more kindly. It is far too easy to compare yourself to other people, or berate yourself for not being the best at something but actually I think we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves. We wouldn't dream of being as critical of anyone else and yet we are all our own worst critics, why?  I don't know the answer to that but instead of beating myself up about everything I don't have or can't do, I want to celebrate all of the things I can.  Here you were thinking you were going to get a generic outfit post and instead you get a stream of consciousness from me ;) 

I picked this tunic/dress up one evening when Mark and I were doing our weekly shop in Tesco as I really loved the geometric pattern and the unusual brown and black colour combination.  The print and colour scheme reminded me of 1970s prints and I had to resist my impulse to pair it with flared jeans and my gilet but since I last wore it, I have managed to shrink it and it is now in the long top, rather than dress category so it may be being paired with jeans sometime soon. It's a shame as I quite liked the longer length but it is really easy to layer and I hope I will love it just as much if I pair it with slim black trousers instead of a skirt  *fingers crossed*

It just goes to show how even just a few months can give you a fresh perspective on something. I have achieved so much even in the last year and I should at least try and remember this when I start to freak out about something! ;)

Any tips on staying calm?!


Anonymous said...

Maria, you look absolutely gorgeous here. That dress is beautiful and such a find from Tesco! And the coat looks so cosy :)

I know exactly what you mean about us all being our own worst critic though, I've hated almost all pictures of me taken in the past and also not been happy with my 'real life' appearance. However, getting diagnosed with my illness earlier this year and going through all the horrid things associated with that has enabled me to finally turn a corner and begin to love and appreciate my body and what it does for me, as it's all too easy to take it for granted until it doesn't work properly anymore! Something just clicked, and so I guess in a way getting Crohns was a good thing in terms of my improved self image! It's so nice to hear you talk about similar sentiments and I'm so glad you're beginning to see yourself as as awesome as everyone else does. You rock, lady! :D

Love Sarah xx

daisychain said...

I have no wise words to add to Sarah's but sending smooshes x

Sophie in the Sticks said...

Forever in love with your camel coat! x

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Hehe I know the feeling, I am always berating myself, and then look back and wonder why on earth I was so harsh on myself!! Grr. Blogging has been taking a back seat for me too recently. Anyway you look lovely here, I love the gold bit on the heels of those shoes!x

FAIIINT said...

This was a great post Maria, I agree with you on so many points & especially the ones about photos. I still hate almost every single photo taken of me for the blog, even after doing this for over 2 years now! I'm a huge perfectionist, so I think that's partly to blame, as there's always *something*! Anyway, I love this outfit, that camel coat is gorgeous on you! :)

The Style Rawr said...

Awww, that tunic is so lovely!

I take a billion photos and usually struggle to find 3 I like. I can totally relate but I want you to know I really love your blog and I think you have such an awesome style! I feel like I spend my entire life posting on social media, it can be such a chore and I also want to find the joy in blogging again! I guess my highlight is hanging out with blogging pals and I got to do that yesterday and I'm doing it again tomorrow. We can do this! ;)

Tara xo

Jo said...

I really like how understated this look is. We're definitely all our own worst critics. I've been getting annoyed recently with photographs not turning out the way I want them when actually it doesn't matter. The fun thing about blogging is chatting and sharing, and I'm pretty sure nobody cares if the photograph is slightly grainy! Hope you feel better soon, Maria.

hgh said...

I feel exactly the same with outfit posts, which is probably why I rarely post them - but then when I look back at them, I like the older photos. Rubbish!

Bonjour, Blogger!