Clothes Show 2013 with Echo Falls...

This weekend I spent a rather frantic Saturday in one of my favourite cities; Birmingham. Echo Falls very kindly invited me along to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham along with a bunch of rather lovely bloggers and I had the best time! I really like the Clothes Show although it has been a while since I last went- Danni and I both went in 2009 and 2010 but I haven't managed it the past couple of years! After getting on a very busy train full of excitable tweenagers and getting completely lost at the NEC (one day I will learn to read signs!) I managed to make my way to the Echo Falls stand where I collapsed into a rather ungainly heap. Poppy Dinsey of WIWT was co-hosting with Echo Falls and I had a major fan-girl moment when I met Poppy! (didn't she look awesome?!) 

Luckily, despite running around like a headless chicken, I was still in time for the first fashion panel of the day with Poppy, Caryn Franklin, Karl Willett and Becca Dudley which was really interesting. I totally agree that you should only work with nice people- work makes up a huge proportion of your life and it is no fun if you are miserable! I did lug my SLR to the show and tried to take photos but I realised afterwards that it had been on manual focus for the whole time so please excuse my blurry pictures :( 

I'm not sure who the guy on the end was but 3/4 of the panel and their awesome outfits, I loved Becca's dress!

Caryn being interviewed- just check out those awesome hair-fringed sleeves! 

The best thing about going along to blogging events is meeting new people and despite us never meeting before Caroline was absolutely lovely! We had a really good natter on our way back to the train station and it just reminded me how awesome the blogging community is- there's not many places on the Internet where you will find people who agree with you about so many things! I just hope I am as cool as Caroline one day, just check out her amazing shoes!

Selina is a blogger who I have followed for a long time and it was so nice to see her again and catch up, I haven't seen her since we were big winners at the SWBloggers Xmas Quiz last year! 

Me looking much less glamourous! I knew that I would be on my feet all day so I paired my beloved teapot dress with some burgundy tights and my new Clarks loafers which I  absolutely love. I have actually been breaking these in recently which could have been a really bad idea but actually the shoes are massively comfy and I haven't had any blisters (yet)- WIN! 

Image from WIWT
I need to get me a bright pink vase!

The bar was absolutely HEAVING- just look how long the queue was!

Sassy posing on the stools on the stage. We definitely got some inquisitive looks when we were perched up there, you could tell people were trying to work out who we were! ;)

Many thanks to Echo Falls for taking me and the lovely Caroline and Selina for keeping me company! 

P.S. I was at the Clothes Show as a guest of Echo Falls


Gem said...

Dress twins :) Selina is lovely isn't she? Met her in Bristol a couple of years ago. Gutted we went on different days, lets plan some new year fun xx

char said...

Glad you had a lovely day. I've only been once to the clothes show and didn't really like it.

Unknown said...

I wish I could have come and visited! :D I actually had tickets but didn't make it in the end, boooo <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

The Style Rawr said...

That tea post dress is just the cutest. :) Glad you had tons of fun!

Tara xo

P.S I'm still bitter about losing that quiz... JOKES. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh wow, this looks so fun! I've always wanted to go to the clothes show, but couldnt make it this time as I was travelling :( maybe next year!