My #simplybereal moment...

Illustration by the lovely Alison Hansen
You may have seen that Simply Be have been asking bloggers to share their 'real moments'- those times where life doesn't go as planned and have turned them into personalised illustrations. You can see mine (by the very talented Alison Hansen) above, isn't it ace?! I recently bought yet another red dress (it was called Maria, how could I resist?!) and I was trying to smuggle it into my wardrobe without Mark noticing but my plan was foiled when an avalanche of clothes fell on top of me, making a huge noise in the process. They asked for my favourite outfit to illustrate and although it was difficult to narrow down, this little lacy dress is a firm favourite, whatever I am doing!

This was such a fun campaign to be involved in and I loved seeing all of the other illustrations- definitely check the #simplybereal hashtag out on Twitter! 

P.S. Simply Be commissioned this illustration for me but I received no payment for this post.


The Style Rawr said...

Oh you look so cute! :) What an awesome illustration.

Tara x

Sherin said...

That illustration is amazing. Love the story behind it.

Admin said...

Could I love this (or relate to the hiding of clothes) any more? No!

Brilliant post and collaboration.

Sash x