The morning after...

...requires a healthy breakfast at a reasonable time...well, one out of two isn't bad! In the first photo, you can just about see the remnants if our feast from New Years Eve, the lovely Lucinda and Dan turned up with PLATES (and I mean PLATES!) of food... homemade chicken nuggets with a lemon mayonnaise, little vegetable blinis, mushrooms stuffed with garlic cream cheese, and my personal favourite, the most gorgeous rosemary bread in the world It was all literally mouth-watering, and as always, dear Cindy catered for the five thousand! I love the fact that you can also see me shuffling around in the first photo, wearing Mark's grandad slippers :P I was also listening to BBC Hereford and Worcester- my guilty pleasure! 

What did you lovelies do for New Year? Have you made (or broken!) any New Years resolutions this year? 

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