Wind in my sales

Today I went into Solihull with the family, intending not to spend very much at all and quite looking forward to just having a spendless wander around the town....HA. Turns out it just wasn't to be and so I have come away having spent the majority of my Christmas money, but without any regrets whatsoever - yay!

 I finally wore my lace gloves and teamed them with spotty tights and tea-cup ring... I can't get enough of it!

In order to fulfill the 'rents coffee addiction we stopped off at Druckers and I had a yummy hot chocolate - I know it's a little lame to write about this, but it was the nicest one I've had in a while: creamy and rich just the way it should be and perfect for curing those winter blues.

Then it was off to the shops, and everything that I bought was ten pounds or under - not bad!
T-shirt: Zara - £9.99
Satchel: New Look - £6
Hairband: New Look - £1
Brogues: Dorothy Perkins - £8

We had a late lunch at the Handmade Burger Co which was lovely; I had the peri-peri chicken burger with chips. I think i may have overestimated my spice-tolerance because I just couldn't finish it! [Nisha I am going to need your help in rectifying this!] Nevertheless it was rather nom-y.

Then it was onto yet more shops and I went into Republic with my sister, not even bothering to look around properly as I'd seen nothing I liked in other stores. Then something sparkly caught my eye.... and it just so happened to be a top I'd spotted in there a few weeks back whilst wasting time before my shift at work. I completely fell in love with it back then, but at £34.99 it was an utterly bitter no-no. But with £24.99 knocked off in the January sale I couldn't NOT get it!
Top: Republic - £10 [ooooooh sparkles]
Although this may seem like the piece de resistance [you all know how good it feels when something you actually wanted gets reduced!] I have yet to introduce you to Gary. I actually bought him at the very start of the day but he is my favourite purchase and so i saved him till last...
Gary: Lakeland -99p
This, my friends, is the beautiful Gary. Bask in all his metallic glory. Sadly, I don't actually like gingerbread but I'm sure most people would appreciate gingerbread-man shaped cookies...right? I think I love him.
Speaking of cookies, and to bring the post to a sweet, crumbly end - what better way to end the day than with Millie's Cookies? Yes they're unfathomably expensive...and getting increasingly smaller by the year [or am I just getting bigger?!] but after a day's shopping there simply is nothing better.
Couldn't have put it better myself really.

Have you braved the sales yet? Bought any bargains? Let us know!

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