All That Glitters Is Gold

Hello blog, it's been a while. I can't even begin to think of what's happened since I last posted - I was in a different house for a start! Things have been a bit of a mess really - the usual ups and downs seem to have been focused into a tiny period of time and so when things have gone wrong, it has felt purely [and selfishly] catastrophic in my own little world.
I think a lot of students experience similar feelings- you're constantly in limbo: between house and home, family and friends, work and play, and it seems that you can never strike a balance. Finally though, it seems that I'm teetering along that edge between drowning in work and utter boredom, and I now have lots of lovely things to look forward to. One of which is my birthday! Okay, it may be a month away yet, but it is most definitely a light at the end of the tunnel and I've just started pondering over a list..... Mum- beware!

Now, I don't wish to disturb anyone but I think I am developing magpie-like tendencies. I see gold, and I need gold! My heart genuinely skips if I see a cute golden charm necklace, and I'm building up a small but beautiful collection. I bought this one in the sales for £1.50 -eeep!

And so, my birthday list has taken on a somewhat golden theme...

Last, but by no means least is something that I've wanted for ages - a retro gold watch. Originally I wanted the Mini Casio Watch from Urban Outfitters, but after browsing the ASOS website i found another which I really like...

Which one should I choose?!

 Anyway, that's enough pondering for one day, I'm off to do some essay planning before doing LOTS of baking later to cheer up Maria who is feeling a bit poorly : ( Get well soon dear!

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