One World Party

Every year here at the University of Warwick, there is 'One World Week' which aims to celebrate global diversity on campus through a range of different events, from hair braiding to belly dancing. Last night we went to 'World Party' - the fab finale party with performances from over 300 students. We went and had an AMAZING time- the societies were all really really good and everyone had a brilliant time.
 As ever, my primary concern was my outfit and after buying our tickets, I went in search of the perfect outfit. Ever since I got my gorgeous Luella dress, I have been wanting to wear it but have always been too worried about it getting ruined but I decided that tomorrow would be its first outing. It is just such a beautiful dress and makes me feel like a princess :)
As you can see I wore flats instead of heels, mainly because we had a twenty minute walk onto campus, but also because I wanted to dress it down. I wore my sheer black top underneath to dress it down, but also to give me an extra layer of protection against the -2°C cold...BRR! 

We took some obligatory shots in our kitchen before we left. Danni was wearing her beautiful lace top with a purple tank top underneath and weirdly enough we ended up co-ordinating with each other beautifully :) 
We were very excited about going you can probably tell! ;)

A close up of my top and make-up. It's quite difficult to tell here, but I was wearing my Barry M lilac lipstick. It is maybe less purple than I would have liked but it is quite wearable.

It is SO much easier for boys to get dressed- Mark just threw on a shirt and was ready to unfair?!
He is a bit special, bless him! 

Once we got there and FINALLY got inside, we met up with Lisa (our lovely housemate for next year!) for "Happy Hour" which was a bit of a disappointment :(
We managed to stand right at the very front of the stage for the performances and Danni managed to snap a few picturesof the dancers on her camera.
We all had a really nice time, despite the venue being absolutely FREEZING :( After all the perfomances finished we went to a  bar in the new Union.

♥  P.S. Happy 45 months Mark ♥ 

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Anonymous said...

Just read through your entire blog :) Loved it - super cute! And thank you for including me!!

xox Lisa