Mallorca, at last.

I'm afraid this post has been a little waylaid due to the random busyness of this week but finally, being festival and childcare free I can tell you all about my treat of a holiday in Mallorca. I have to admit that I arrived with so many preconceptions; I really thought it was going to be full of 18-30 crowds, swigging their yard glasses of beer and sleeping til three [not exactly my cuppa tea]...I couldn't have been more wrong! Looking back I don't know how I ever imagined such a beautiful place in such a distorted way. We stayed on the North Coast [if the beer swigging is for you then head South!], in a little harbour called Port de Soller which was a wonderful place; bustling but quaintly understated and full of character. The weather was gorgeous, the hotel was welcoming and the people overwhelmingly friendly and, frankly, I'm quite depressed to be home again. Or rather, I wish that was my home! I've always reckoned I belong somewhere warm, already I'm beginning to go into hibernation mode and so living somewhere like Mallorca would quickly whisk away my winter woes. 

Anyway, back to reality and back to the holiday itself, we had a good few lazy days by the pool as well as going off to explore some of the Islands towns and cities- the public transport was great; always bang on time and so easy. What struck me was that no matter where you were; be it in the midst of Palma's stark, high rise buildings, or sitting on the edge of a sparkling harbour, there was always something beautiful to look at. I honestly don't think I stopped taking photos. At all. My lovely new camera case was made just swung emptily from my wrist most days!

But the best thing about the entire holiday?  Finding these...
Yup, that's a Nutella dipper...or at least it was.

God Bless Mallorca.

 P.s. Did anyone else find the holiday of their dreams this year?


A'n'G Johnson said...

How lovely. I like the picture of the tree trunk with paint. Is that what that is?

Sherin said...

Oooo, it looks like such a beautiful place! And nutella dippers are pure heaven!

My dream holiday was Barcelona: I loved it.

Maria Fallon said...

Pheonix Peacock: yeah it was really random! But beautiful at the same time; I think people had decorated it with plasticine for a festival...they'd even made berries to put on the branches!

Sherin: The 'rents have been to Barcelona and loved it...they've promised to take me some day so fingers crossed!

Nathalie said...

I am glad you had such a fantastic holiday. I've been to Mallorca once and was overwhelmed by its beautiful landscape. Really creates a wrong picture that the "Ballermann" district is so famous

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Nathalie- glad to hear someone else has been lucky enough to experience it!!

Paint it Black said...

wow your holiday sounded awesome lovely pictures xoxo

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Giselle! I hope I can go back one day :)