Hotpants... really?!

Shorts: New Look, blouse: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Marks and Spencers, necklace: Urban Outfitters, bag: ASOS, goofy pose: model's own.
Normally I accuse my sisters of stealing my clothes but I was overcome with jealousy when I saw my sister’s new shorts. They looked like she had found them in a charity shop - vintage high-waisted Levis - but they were in fact from New Look. I knew then that I had to hunt down a pair for myself and managed to snag some for £12. I love the fact that they are high -waisted as they actually manage to fit my weird waist/hip ratio and I feel a lot more confident than when I keep having to hitch my shorts up! 

The necklace is my new favourite, I love initial necklaces but there never seem to be any ‘M’ ones left so when I saw this, I snapped it up! I knew that the shorts would look perfect with one of my many sheer blouses and this one fitted the bill nicely. I love the colour of it (although it is much more teal than light blue!) and the sleeves were perfect for protecting me from the gusty sea-breezes. The detailing on this blouse is lovely and I can see it working for work or cocktails too.  I have to say that Danni and Claire inspired me with styling these shorts as I am yet to see anyone who looks better in a sheer shirt/short combo. 

The nail varnish is ‘Toasted Almond’ by 17 and is a gorgeous pale gold colour which seems to go with everything.
I am quite proud that this whole outfit is made up of sale items, I managed to snag these gorgeous leather sandals from good old M&S for £6 (!) and after some faffing around with a corkscrew (to pierce a new buckle hole) they fit me perfectly and are much comfier than you would imagine for the heel height...maybe I will learn how to walk in heels yet!  I had to swap them for my trusty New Look flats whilst on the beach though, as rock-climbing in heels is never a good idea and I didn’t want to spend my hols in plaster... Looking over this post, I am quite proud that I have managed to colour co-ordinate my outfits with my picture locations, didn't Mark do a good job?! 

Do you steal your sister’s clothes? What’s your best sale bargain? 

P.S. I am very proud of Mark who has made it into The Guardian, New, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer and Indie Games weblog for his fab game which you can download HERE

P.P.S. I am on holiday at the moment with no internet so I won't be able to comment on posts until I am home!


Clazzerati said...

You are rocking those hotpants lady. Love the muted tones too. xx

Sherin said...

The shorts look amazing on you! And I also love the sheer blouse you paired them with. It's a really stylish outfit.
Enjoy your holiday!

daisychain said...


Unknown said...

You are such a stunner! Love these photos!

Sarah - essbeevee said...

This outfit is so well put together, I love the colours. And that necklace is so cute, I always find the S is the first one to go! Looking good lady.

Danni said...

I ratherrr LOVE this outfit!! Have been eyeing up these shorts myself lately, been waiting for them to go into the sale! Also, well done to Mark - that's incredible!! x

Hannah said...

My sister is always 'borrowing' my clothes, I don't mind but she has nothing I want to borrow back haha!!! Good find on the shorts though because they are fab. Also love the necklace, I definitely want a few more H necklaces in my life

Bow Dream Nation xx

Chloe said...

Not living with my sister ccertainly has benefits- that and she's a good 4 inches taller than me with a different dress size. Phew!

Loving the shirt and shorts combo, might have to have a go at that myself, in an attempt not to continue to bore everybody with my shorts and the same round of tops.

Looking gorgeous as ever, liking the hair up like that too.

Emma said...

Ooh, lovely outfit - especially love that sheer shirt but those shorts look great! x

Sonia said...

I love your shorts, they look really cool :)
Most of my wardrobe is made up of sale clothes, sales are the best thing ever, but I do wish I had a sister that I could steal clothes from! x

Cominica said...

cool! I love your outfit colors! :D

Christina said...

you look like a beautiful 50s pin-up in your hot pants.
Christina x