Autumn salad with grilled cod

For this autumnal salad with fish I used seasonal vegetables such as butternut squash mixed with salad favourites spinach, mushroom and tomato to create a healthy yet filling evening meal. 

Use a selection of veg - the more the merrier - and chop it all up as if you were making a casserole.

I used some basic frozen cod, grilled with some oil and seasoning, to top off the salad. Any fish is suitable, although I imagine fresh smoked haddock would be perfect. In fact, you don't even need the fish if you want to make this a vegetarian meal.

For the seasoning I ground some salt and rainbow peppercorn in my trusty mortar and pestle. 

Fry all the veg in a pan whilst the fish is grilling. Add some spinach as the rest is finishing. 

Boil the leek and some green beans. These are best done al dente and then added to the frying pan just after the spinach.

Put some spinach (and some cous cous if you want to bulk it out a little) in the bottom of a bowl and layer the veg on top. Add the fish on top at the end.



daisychain said...

yum! this is right up my street x

Law1sfab said...

OMG love this post!!! This looks so yummy, literally could lick the screen. I must get Baz to make this for me (I burn everything)

Unknown said...

This looks delicious! Adding it to my list of dinner ideas immediately!

FAIIINT said...

Ohh, this looks so yummy! I love warm winter salads like this & anything with spinach & mushrooms is always a favourite!
I'm not sure why but the little GIF at the end is really making me smile! Hehe!

Unknown said...

This looks lovely!