Early morning blues...

You can see from these photos that the weather has changed and Autumn is well and truly here. Just like every other blogger out there, Autumn is my favourite season and I have been enjoying the slight chill in the morning as I leave for work. I'm sure all of this will change when the temperatures drop proper but for now I am feeling pretty happy. I once read somewhere that people are most comfortable in the season that they are born in so my affinity for Autumn is bred in ;) I am a real fan of wearing bright colour when it is grey outside and this Matalan blazer has been getting a lot of wear recently!

Blazer: c/o Matalan, top: NW3 by Hobbs, jeans: Topshop, shoes: Betty London flats
This top also gets worn a lot, this time I paired it with red nails and a blue blazer rather than a red blazer and blue nails! I have been repeating the same outfits (or at least elements of them) a lot recently, I need a dash of inspiration from somewhere I think, staring at Pinterest and wishing hard for a new wardrobe just ain't cutting it!

Believe it or not, these are only the second pair of blue shoes that I have ever owned and they have barely left my feet. I am always impressed with Betty London shoes and this pair fit my feet like a glove. The only other brand that comes close for me at the moment is Clarks. It can be so difficult to get ballet flats to fit properly but these hug my feet and even have support for the balls and arch of my feet - winner!

What's your favourite season?

P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Spartoo


char said...

i have to admit, I'm still mourning the loss of summer, which is
definitely my favourite month.

char said...

Or season, even! I don't mind autumn and winter, the layering, knits and cosy jumpers are all very well, just not yet!

Kerry said...

I have nearly the same blazer from Primark and it is a firm favourite for me! I always say I love autumn the most, but then I think about the other seasons and start to love them just as equally! Indecisive on that one!
Kerry x

Gem said...

Love the cute print on your blouse. I love winter because I can wear my big leopard print coat x

Unknown said...

Ooh I love that jacket, obsessed with Blues at the moment.
I love most seasons and genuinely get excited when it's sunny, raining or cold and crispy. :) Having said that I'll no doubt want more sun once we've had a couple of weeks of this weather.

The Style Rawr said...

Those pumps are so cute!! :) I love A/W clothing but I prefer the Summer weather haha. <3

Tara xo

Sophie said...

Loving you in blue Maria!

Sophie in the Sticks said...

that bright blazer is so cheerful yet work appropriate. Looking good Maria :) x

Selina said...

The blue is so on trend! I agree, the perfect pop of colour that mixes so well with black

Sarah said...

Love this colour on you Maria!

Unknown said...

That blazer is gorgeous! What a great colour to liven up a misty work morning!

daniela kate morosini said...

that's my all-time favourite shade of blue! xx

Maria- CityLaundry said...

your blog is so wonderful!
i'm loving the kite print on your shirt!
so happy i came across your blog. new follower <3


City Laundry
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Temporary:Secretary said...

I love a blazer and jeans combo! I'm trying to love autumn but I'm rather sad that summer is over, i love it when it's sunny x