'Miles for Macmillan'...

Macmillan Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London

Just a quick post today, I don't usually reproduce press releases but this one really caught my eye and as a cause close to my heart, I really wanted to share. 'Miles for Macmillan', is an initiative between Boots UK and Macmillan Cancer Support which is encouraging people to get out there and make time for what matters to them, by gathering their family and children for a lovely day out and rediscovering the joy of walking together, all while raising money to help support the two million people living with and beyond cancer in the UK.

There are nine walks happening in August and September, offering three and eight mile routes in countryside locations across the UK so everyone regardless of age and ability can take part. If you can make it to a walk, please do, this is a really fantastic cause and anything that encourages people to get outside and help to raise money for a fantastic charity can only be a good thing, right?! Mark and I are hoping to be able to go to the walk at Hampton Court Castle but I am just waiting to hear if we will be free this Sunday. 

Want to get involved? 

* Tweet #milesformacmillan and your local route location to find out who will be on the same walk as you so that you can buddy up ahead of the walks

* Tweet an image of your most scenic spot and why you love it so much with the hashtag #milesformacmillan. The picture above is taken halfway up Bredon Hill, a walk my family and I do every Easter and a really beautiful spot. It is one of the most peaceful places in the world and the perfect place to escape to, I really am lucky to live in such a lovely place.

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