Lighten up!

After Aussie launched their new lighter range of conditioners they challenged us Angels to lighten up our life this Spring.  Every year on Good Friday, me and my family walk up Bredon Hill and I thought I would share some of the photos that Mark and I took this time :) 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous (apparently it hit 27 °C whilst we were up there!) and I drank so much water too. I wasn't wearing the most flattering outfit (see below) but it meant I was able to clamber over fences without ripping my legs to shreds unlike some of the people we saw! I'm not a fan of trainers though! 

The views from the top were absolutely breathtaking and you could literally see for miles! 

Best of all though, were the cute animals we saw on the walk up... there were sheep and lambs galore...

plus, my favourite, these Hereford cows and the most adorable calves :D

The idea of the Aussie challenge is to get us to lighten up our lives and I know I always feel better if I get some fresh air [despite my aversion to being outside!] and being at home means that I do a lot more walking, mainly due to the lack of buses :P However, being back at uni means that I have a bit more time on my hands so I plan to do lots of walking over the next few weeks and also head back to the gym...

Aussie's Lusciously Light Videos: Part 1 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

This video should help me be a bit more active though as these exercises don't look too strenuous and even I should be able to manage them :) Plus, with a t-shirt that looks as good as this, who wouldn't want to move a bit more?!

Even my hair was co-operating! 

What will you do to lighten your life this Spring? 


Yu said...

Oh my gosh the views are beautiful, lucky you for living in such a pretty place! :)

PinkBow said...

Absolutely stunning scenery!

Unknown said...

Those views are beautiful!! Lovely photos :)

Gem said...

The only trainers I own are the ones I had for PE in school!
I bought an Auusie light conditioner this week because Aussie were 3 for 2 in Boots and I lvoe it! most conditioners leave my hair greasy but that one was fab x

daisychain said...

Those views! Kidnap me and take me there. NOW!

Abbie said...

LOVE the photos! What gorgeous views!! There's nothing better than a lovely walk in beutiful countryside!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place to go walking! That little lamb is adorable!

Sherin said...

Looks like suhc a beautiful walk!! I am like the laziest person ever. I get really irratable if I'm forced to walk around for no reason, lol.
The animals are all so cute. And your hair in the last picture looks fab!

Maria Fallon said...

Yu- It really is beautiful, I'm missing it now I'm back!

Paula- I am so lucky to live there!

Gem- These were a pair dug up out of the shed, they had cobwebs all over :P Aussie products are fab :)

Jazzy- I know!

Laura- If you ever come visit I will take you :)

Abbie- It truly was gorgeous!

Harriet- I was completely smitten!

Sherin- I get SO grouchy too, I moaned all the way up :P

Maria xxx

Hannah said...

i hate trainers haha but i gotta wear them for running and ONlY running which is what im doing for a lighter spring I suppose. ive been running made but now my legs ache so im going to have a couple days rest before my 5k race next sunday. looks like you had a lovely walk too, very pretty pictures =)

Bow Dream Nation xx