"Work that look"

Every Sunday, when Style magazine arrives inside our Sunday Times, I eagerly rip open the wrapping and get my weekly luxe fix. This week was no different except it was a business special with articles devoted to finding a work life balance, female business women such as Liz Hurley, female empowerment with everyone's favourite 'Queen of Mean' "Just call me bitch- if it stands for boss in total control of herself, says the business guru, Kelly Cutrone, peddling a 'balls out' approach" and of course making your working wardrobe work for you. This was of particular interest to me after I found out that I had got the summer internship last week. Since then, Mum and I have been looking for the perfect capsule wardrobe that can be remixed for the 6-9 weeks I am on my placement. Style has answered my prayers and supplied me with some inspiration from fashion high-flyers revealing the ultimate working wardrobe. 

Classic tailoring

Soft tailoring


This was helpful for me in a number of ways... I want to look professional, be comfortable and to retain a sense of individuality...i.e. I don't want to become just another office clone but look like a more professional version of myself. Have I succeeded? You be the judge...

This top was a bit of an impulse buy. It is from Warehouse in John Lewis but it's gorgeous dove grey colour and quirky lace collar made me fall in love. I am prone to being very warm so the fact that it is sleeveless is an added bonus. I will wear this with either black heels or flats and a black blazer.

This Warehouse dress is made of a reassuringly sturdy material that is almost quilted in style. As regular readers of the blog will know, I am a BIG fan of the colour navy especially when paired with black. Although this may be a fashion 'faux pas' I am in love with the simplicity of this look. At first I couldn't find my black tights but nude ones show off my shoes better anyway :P

In this photo I am wearing my blue shoes from Peacocks. These have a mini heel that is somewhere between flats and a kitten heel.

They are an iridescent blue that seems to change colour, depending on the outfit I am wearing.

A cheesy smile from me again. These are my chunky, black Office heels that are so comfy to wear, it is unbelievable.

Despite the objections of my parents, I think the black tights make this dress infinitely more professional but I would be interested to see what you lovely people think. . . Is the dress too casual? Could it work in an office environment? The main problem I have is that I don't yet know where exactly I will be working and how smart or casual the office is. When I find out more I will let you all know :D I will leave you with a lovely picture of me awkwardly trying to hide the labels on my new purchases. As you can see, I wasn't successful as there is a label poking out of my top...OOPS!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, please let me know if you have any ideas regarding a working wardrobe :)


Newnham Medics said...

Can't go wrong with a good pencil skirt and pretty lacey blouses, especially with an awesome belt or waistcoat if you need more of a waist. Primark's really good for pinafores and the like right now, and in lots of awesome colours. I'm also loving '50s pinup styles for curves- corp goth sites are awesome for things like this.
Loving the dress, and I like it with the tights. Maybe a black blouse or something underneath to tie it together if it's not too warm? That's how I'm wearing my pinafore right this second.
Much love,
Rebecca xx

Pasquale Ludovico said...

Hey Maria! I personally adore your skirt in the first outfit!!! And the lovely dress you wear in the other pictures makes you more gorgeous! I think you're perfect this way!


daisychain said...

I have nothing to say other than you look so chic!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you all, I am blushing! :) I jsut hope that I can look like me rather than just another office drone in black all of the time :P

Maria xxxx

Leia said...

you look so cute! I like the first outfit best :)

Maria Fallon said...

Yeah I think I would be comfortable running around in it all day which is the important thing :)

Maria xxx