Making my [pri] mark

So on Saturday the Easter holidays finally commenced for me too, and I have to say it was a huge relief to come back to a warm, cosy house that I can comfortably call home. It's amazing how much you miss your natural habitat; even at twenty years old and having lived away from my family for nearly two years, I can't imagine myself feeling more welcome anywhere other than here!

I came back with an insistent urge to go shopping. Not just one of those 'let's go for a mooch' inklings, but an all-out desire to spend some dosh. It was a necessity... or at least that's what I kept telling myself and the poor changing rooms assistant in Primark. You know when fitting rooms have item restrictions? Well I may have had to go back to the woman twice... as well as asking my mum to take some stuff in for me too. We must have been in there an hour all told, but Iwas so impressed with their stock at the moment, I got a little triggerhanger-happy. They've got lots of vintage style prints, and some beautifully floaty tops and dresses which instantly reminded me of warm summer holidays and prickly Mediterranean heat.... aah what I wouldn't give to be in Italy right now!

Anyway, I certainly fulfilled my clothes-craving as it were, and bought a surprisingly co-ordinated array of things...

First up is the black blazer... it's only taken me about a year to realise I need one (in fact, it was Maria's advice in the first place!) but I think it was worth the wait. It's tailored enough to look professional, but slouchy enough to make me feel comfortable, and the shoulder pads are an added bonus :)
It's got really nice details on the sleeves too. Basically, it's a winnerrr.

Also grabbed a denim shirt and it led me to commit the ultimate sin today.... yup. I double denimed. I'm still not convinced [or at least not of my ability to pull it off!], but I figured that as this shirt is a grey shade, it's just like wearing a grey cardigan right?!
Hmmm, what else? Well I suppose my favourite thing would have to be the forget-me-not blue blouse. It's floaty and light and just makes me feel like i should be dancing in a meadow with flowers in my hair....ahem. Back to [virtual] reality, it was a bargain- under £10!
Blue was a definite theme and I also bought a navy top [also floaty and equally as dream inducing] which looked pretty plain in amongst everything else, but just seems to hang perfectly...
I have to admit though; I may be a little biased towards this plain-jane top and all because of this little hole in the shoulder...
Before you ask, no, I don't normally get emotionally attached to clothes [at least not straight away!] but this little flaw right here allowed me to get £2 knocked off the original price! I felt super cheeky bringing it up at the till, especially as it was Primark-cheap anyway, but the woman couldn't have been nicer about it; she even gave me tips on how to stop it fraying.

If you're still reading, I'm impressed..this is proving to be an extra long post... I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves now!
The striped dress was from Dorothy Perkins, but everything else was bought in good ol' Primark. Plus, they've brought out a range of shoes which are wide fit and size 9!!! Hooray for Primark recognising that having big feet and a tiny budget aren't mutually exclusive. Woop!

All in all, it was the most succesful shopping trip I've had in a while; probably since the clothes show, and I can't wait to try it all out. Now however, I'd better go and remove said items from the conservatory before mum starts to wonder if I've set up shop!

Has anyone else had a big spending spree lately? Let us know... it'll help stem that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach!


Leia said...

Glad you're having a great time at home - I'm flying back on Friday and can't WAIT for a month of soaking up sunshine and relaxing! (and studying for exams... ugh)

Maria Fallon said...

Hi Leia!
Yes I'm living in blissful ignorance at the moment- ignoring the inevitable revision...not sure how I'm going to bring myself to start it!


StephanieDJL said...

I literally just yelled 'WHAAAT!?' in response to Primark introducing wide fit/size 9! Fabulous. I love the double denim outfit too :)

Maria Fallon said...

Aaah, thanks Stephanie!
I couldn't believe it about Primark either... I'm going to need to restrain myself, it seems too good to be true!

Danni x

Teresa said...

Ooo, I'm lovin' that gray studded shirt! Very cool pattern!

Maria Fallon said...

Thanks Teresa, it looks kind of suede-y too so it was definitely a bargain at £8 :D woop!

Danni x

daisychain said...

thanks for your lovely comment x

Sophie Bryce said...

Ahhh Danni I better see some of these beauts next term <3
Love it :)