Nott a bad weekend...

No, that's not an unforgivable typo, it's my attempt to make an ultra smooth reference to the fabulous weekend I just spent in Nottingham (forgive me, it's late). For a good few months now I've been planning to visit my lovely friend who's currently at Nottingham uni, and finally I managed to get my bum (and that of another, equally wonderful friend) down (or up, my geography's awful!) to the wonderful city that we affectionately call Notts.

In all honesty, it was less of a city break, and more of a gigantic chill-out slash cocktail party but that was exactly what we all needed to take our mind off the stresses of university, and remind ourselves that it's okay to be unbelievably goofy and childish sometimes. Well, all the time really.
 Harriet, Emily and a few furry friends

Friday was lusciously filled with lazy journeys, leisurely strolls and a delicious pub lunch. When our bellies were full and exceedingly content, there seemed nothing better to do than have an aimlessly long (I'm talking four hours) chat followed by comfy viewing of Keanu Reeves in The Lakehouse. It was a good film actually, made all the more enjoyable by a constant supply of Galaxy chocolate!

Saturday gave us a chance to wander round the city itself, taking in all the sights which, given our seemingly tunnelled vision, were comprised mainly of shops, cafes and talking buses. Yep, you could practically hold a conversation with the thing. Now I can't quite convey just how cool these buses are, but we were ashamedly excited when a faceless voice told us what stops we were approaching...why can't they do that in Coventry?!

So anyway, after investing our student loans in toasted paninis and playsuits, we headed back to get ready for a girly night out. I have to say, it was one of the most relaxed nights out I've had in a while; plenty of natural chatter with just a smattering of dancing, and some of the yummiest cocktails I've ever tasted. If anyone is ever in Nottingham, I'd definitely recommend Coco Tang; an underground nightclub with nostalgic sweet-themed drinks! I went for Haribo, while the others opted for Love Hearts and Refreshers, all of which I'd have been happy to consume if it weren't for the lack of funding and potential excess of alcohol! Another highlight was the Pitcher and Piano in the city centre, it was a converted church and whilst we pondered over the appropriateness of partying in somewhere so holy, I couldn't help but stand there in awe. It was wonderfully atmospheric, and if you can get over the initial irony, it's a fab place to wile away the evening.

Sadly, it was time to head back home on Sunday [that extra hour was sorely missed!] but not after wandering over to good old 'spoons...again.

It was such a brilliant weekend, and it made me realise just how much I miss those girls. So I'll leave you with this...

Remember all those little chances that passed you by? Those friendly gatherings that you gave a miss? Well now's the time to take each opportunity as it comes, and savour these friendships because honestly, I'm beginning to realise that maybe these really are the best years of our lives. And I for one am going to fill them doing the things I love best with the people I love the most.

What are you waiting for?!

Making Easter plans? Let us know :)


Anonymous said...

ok, so i may be biased, but this is an AMAZING post :D Thank you for an awesome weekend hun :)
Love you

Maria Fallon said...

Haha! glad you like it :D not sure I did the weekend justice really, but it deserved a place in cyberspace!
love you too

Danni xxx

daisychain said...

looks and sounds like fun x

Sherin said...

Notts sounds like fun. I think I need to plan a road trip through England one day.

Maria Fallon said...

me too! I don't travel enough really - there's so much to see, and yet all I do is complain how cold it is...oops!


Sophie Bryce said...

Awww, sounds like you had a fab time lovely :)
You also look wonderful in your picture, as always <3

Anonymous said...

Great article.