Summer Plans...

Do you remember I was preparing for an interview about a month ago? Well, I got the internship! It is a six to nine week placement for the Fast Stream Civil Service where you are placed in different government departments and are directly involved in policy making. It means that I will gain a LOT of experience at one of the the top five Times “Top 100 Graduate Employers” and hopefully narrow down which area I want to work in the Civil Service once I graduate. It is also paid, which means I won't be missing out on earning some money over the holidays... a win win situation? I would say so! :D
As you can tell, I am very VERY excited and absolutely terrified at the same time... although I don't know exactly where I am working yet but I should find out in the next couple of weeks :) Mum and I have been looking for some nice basics for a capsule work wardrobe (!) and so far we have managed to find some nice things...I will put some outfit posts up as soon as I have some full outfits :) In more news, I have been working at the plant nursery in my village and I start very early in the morning, 7.30 AM to be exact... It is very manual work and all of your clothes get covered in mud so I have been wearing trackies and old t-shirts, hence the complete lack of outfit posts. I can promise you that you aren't missing out on anything much though as I look an abolute state! This may sound vain but I just have to avoid mirrors wherever possible :P I have decided to give you a few pictures with a floral theme instead to save your poor eyes :P

My gorgeous playsuit which I have worn about a million times since I bought it :)

My bargainicious Tesco floral dress that is one of my 'wardrobe essentials' 
An outfit worn to a friend's birthday party... you can't see it in this photo but the top has a cut-out at the back which I love. It is fitted and almost corseted and is definitely a top that you sit up straight in ;)
One of my favourite outfits and one that I always feel happy in... this picture was taken back in November, as you can tell by the poppy on my cardigan. Apologies for the rubbish shots but when Danni is out I have to rely on ym phone and the mirror to capture my outfit for posterity. I have realised that these floral outfits are merely a fraction of the floral items I own... methinks I need to cut down?? :S

Happy Friday people! What are your plans for this weekend and Easter week? Have any of you had any good news recently? Please do tell... 



Sherin said...

Oh wow! Congratulations! That is such a great opportunity. I've been thinking of applying for the fast stream internships at some stage as well.

I do love that floral tesco dress!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you! I started dancing around like a complete and utter loon when I found out :P I applied for the disability one as I am diabetic, I don't know if they do a non-disabled internship, do you know if they do?

I literally adore that dress, one of the best £8 I have ever spent!!!

Maria xxx