Red and white candy striped...

It seems like a lifetime ago that it was warm enough to go out bare-legged and although I much prefer the cooler temperatures  (I am the human radiator and have had my fan on since January at work!) I miss wearing cute dresses like this to work! I said in this post that I wanted to buy the red version of this gorgeous H&M wrap dress and when I spotted it in the sale for a mere £7, how could I resist?! A wrap dress is one of those styles that looks good on anyone and this is so easy to wear- just add a cute camisole and sandals for an easy breezy outfit...

Dress: H&M, camisole: Tesco, shoes:Nine West
I never used to like the fact that my hair was curly. My childhood years were spent dreaming of long blonde straight hair and bemoaning the fact that mine was more blah than beautiful. Luckily, my mum found the 
Umberto Giannini Curl Scrunching Jelly for me and it was a revelation, finally I could tame my hair! I had forgotten about how much I loved this product until I picked up this gorgeous set in the Boots sale back in January which had the scrunching jelly in it. Using the shampoo and conditioner definitely makes my hair more curly so I tend not to use it if I want a sleeker style but if I do decide to go curly, a dollop of the jelly helps to keep it looks shiny and bouncy. Despite my gushing praise, this isn't an advert for them but just testament to how good UG's products are on curly hair! 

These shoes are also a long time favourite of mine (check out them in action from April 2011!) and are super comfortable. Tan is a universally flattering colour in summer and just makes everything feel more summery. Paired with this huge tan ASOS bag, I was hot to trot. I will always be grateful for my online archives on the blog, I knew that I had bought both the shoes and the bag quite a while ago and had worn them on the blog at some point, I just didn't realise it was quite so long ago! My style has clearly changed over the past five years but some things have managed to endure the many house moves and wardrobe clear outs!

Whats the oldest thing thing you have in your wardrobe?


Matthew Spade said...

we're both human radiators then, i get so hot, hence why i'm usually in shorts of some sort.

i have really curly hair but i've never grown to like it. suits you though.

Buckets & Spades

Sarah said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I've got an old New Look dress which I can't ever seem to get rid of!

Eloise said...

Oh no you're one of those fan people! I sit next to a fan boy!
Love the dress, and love the hair! I wish I had curls like this rather than spending hours each week with a curling wand


Milly. said...

Such a sweet dress for the summer! And therefore I totally wish it wasn't raining right now as I read your post... The oldest thing in my wardrobe... not sure! probably age-old staples like my Barbour jacket or my favourite pair of Levi jeans (total cliche that I am) x

Unknown said...

Aw it is really sweet, I reckon you could wear it in the winter though with chunky tights and a good knit! I've got this old corduroy blazer I'll NEVER get rid of - it doesn't fit me anymore but it's got such sentimental value :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad