A foolproof toad-in-the-hole recipe...

Toad-in-the-hole is one of my favourite meals and it is guaranteed to make you feel instantly comforted. You are in for a special treat today though as although this recipe is super simple, Mark is the expert at making this in our house, so this post comes from him rather than me! As you may have seen on Twitter, I have had to switch to a low carb diet (no more than 30g of carbs per meal, the equivalent of a large banana or 2 slices of bread!) so I have to restrict this meal to special occasions, sob! If you do have any low carb meal ideas, please do send them my way, I need exciting new ways to eat chicken! ;)


* 4 sausages

* 110g plain flour

* 2 medium eggs

* 1/2 pint of milk and water (1/4 pint milk, 1/4 pint water)

* Pinch of salt

* Dash of olive oil

Sieve the flour into a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Break the eggs in the bowl.

Prepare the 1/2 pint of liquid. The larger the ratio of water to milk, the less "cakey" your Yorkshire pudding will be.

Mix up the eggs into the flour, adding only enough liquid to create a thick, smooth batter. Leave this to one side and get the oven heated to 220 degrees. Add a glass dish to the oven. Add a dash of olive oil to the mixture and beat in the rest of the liquid, adding a little at a time. When everything is completely mixed in - it should be smooth and a bit bubbly - put the mixture in the fridge until needed later.

When the oven is heated add your sausages to the dish and let them cook for about 10 minutes. 

If you prefer your toad-in-the-hole with chopped sausages, chop them now with a knife and fork. I find this a bit easier than chopping them raw. Return the sausages to the oven for another 5-10 minutes depending on how crispy you like them. 

Get the mixture out of the fridge and give it a quick mix up before adding it to the dish with the sausages. Turn the oven up to 250 degrees and return the dish. It is a good idea to put the dish on a bottom shelf as the mixture will rise quite a bit.

Leave in the oven for 25-30 minutes. It's a good idea to check through the oven door (without opening it) after about 20 minutes, just in case your oven is more efficient, to make sure it hasn't burned. To serve, loosen around the edge of the dish with a spatula first to prevent it falling apart too much.



Natasha said...

Looks so yummy! Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm doing OK, just general life stresses. - Tasha

Winnie said...

I love how Mark has his own little signature on your blog. Hope the low carb diet goes well, I don't eat masses amount of carbs (apart from a bowl of rice a day.....!) but they are pretty hard to avoid aren't they?

iliketweet said...

Toad in the hole is my ultimate hangover meal!

Carb free salads are amazing, packed with meat and veg!

Tweet xx

The Style Rawr said...

When am I coming over for dinner? This looks scrummy! Can't beat a classic!

Tara x