Exploring Cheltenham...

Mark and I have been living in Cheltenham for 7 months (!) now and although there are a few places that we know and love (I'm looking at you Grid Iron!) there is still a lot of Cheltenham that we have left to explore. I grew up fairly locally but I am ashamed to say that I don't know it at all and I am keen to have some places to recommend to people when they come to stay so if anyone has any recommendations, please do pass them on! I spoke a while ago about trying to get out and about a bit more and we have been going on little walks (just a couple of miles or so) in the evening and at the weekends to clear our heads and to get that blood pumping! There are some beautiful old houses within about 10 minutes walk from us and we couldn't resist snapping a few photos whilst we were out and about. We did take the DSLR but it ran out of battery after just one photo so we ended up using Mark's phone instead. He has a Nexus 6 and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with how the photos came out!

I love me some fancy windows and red bricks!

Cheltenham is full of little green spaces like this mini park and is a haven for dog walkers- that's got to be the best part of a walk, seeing all the cute doggies! ;)

I can't even begin to guess how expensive these flats are but they sure look pretty!

It was such a beautiful wintry day too. I love it when it is cold but sunny!

Victoria Mansions (!) - if only I had the money...!

Even the sports fields look picturesque around here! ;)

Christ Church is absolutely beautiful too- we didn't get a chance to go inside but it has a pretty interesting history so I'm sure we will be back at some point...

Yes, those are our pasty faces glowing from inside the screen! Picking up the light is one thing that a phone camera will never do as well as a proper camera... We did take some outfit pictures too but I will be sharing those in a separate post as this was getting a bit picture heavy for one post!

Is there anywhere you can recommend in Cheltenham?


laura said...

You and Mark are such a gorgeous couple (even if you are my wifey) x

Juliet said...

Cheltenham looks lovely, it'll have to go on my list of UK places to visit! xxx


It's great that you're exploring the area more. I've not been to Cheltenham, but it looks beautiful! :) <3 /Madison
Foodie Style

Unknown said...

I really want to go to Cheltenham, seems like a pretty place :) Don't know why I never went when I used to live so close!
Cute couple by the way xox

MissPond said...

Oooh I love Cheltenham, I grew up nearby and it's the place my parents lived before and just after they were married (they also met there!) We still often go back as my dad refuses to go to a hairdressers anywhere but there (he's good friends with the guy who owns it), plus it's not far to visit from Worcester :)
Lovely pictures and I'm glad you're enjoying exploring! x

Matthew Spade said...

never been myself but it looks super fancy indeed. what a nice part of the country.

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