Cosy basics...

It's not often you will see me in (near) monochrome over on the blog as my default setting is bright colours but this oversized jumper was too good to resist. I spotted it in the Topshop sale when I went shopping with Hattie and it is one of my favourite things that I have bought this year. I have been trying to add some versatile basics to my wardrobe and this classic grey jumper is a great start. I love the relaxed fit of it and it is just so darned cosy! I wore this outfit on my first day back at work after Christmas and it was the perfect way to ease me out of pyjamas and back into proper clothes ;) My smug little face just shows how much I love this outfit, have you ever seen anyone look so chuffed?! 

Jumper: Topshop, camisole: Tesco, jeans:ASOS, shoes: Clarks
I especially love the contrast of the sheer sleeves with the rest of the jumper (are you spotting a pattern here yet?!) I will be sharing my favourite lipsticks with you in a post soon but I have so many of them. Would you prefer it to be split into a few separate posts or have one huge one? 

I finally managed to get some replacement shoes for my beloved Clarks loafers. Although this pair are nowhere near as comfy as my old ones, they look a lot smarter and I'm sure they will soften up soon. Is there anything worse than breaking in new shoes?!

Would you prefer my favourite lipsticks to be split into a few separate posts or have one huge one? 


Gem said...

Love your loafers, classic pair of shoes right there.

char said...

Looks so cosy. Sometimes I wish I dressed in a more sensible, cosy way. Take now, for instance. I'm currently sitting at my desk, wearing my coat, because I can't seem to get warm any other way.

HighlandFling said...

So with you on the comfy cozy basics. I love the oversized jumper with your skinnies. Also loving that you are comfy but still have your lippy on, what a sassy lady!

Em x

Sherin said...

This outfit looks so cute and so comfortable. I love wearing monochrome. It's one of my go to looks.