Electric blue leopard print...

I have only had this leopard print tea dress for a couple of months but it has already crept to the top of my 'must wear' pile as it is just so easy to wear! It reminds me a lot of this blue leopard print dress (what do you mean you don't own several variations of brightly coloured leopard print?!) but this is definitely the more wearable version. I have worn this dress to work, dinner and drinks and birthday parties- it's very versatile thanks to its jersey material and has become one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe as a result! Paired with my faux leather jacket, I felt very cool here, I love an outfit that fills you with confidence and this made me feel super sassy, never a bad thing in my opinion! ;) Who knew that I would become such a leopard print fan?! Certainly not me all those years ago! Apologies for the slight blurriness in some of these photos, it was so windy when we took these photos that they have ended up looking like I am moving at great speed, haha!

Jacket: c/o George at ASDA, dress:French Connection, shoes: c/o George at ASDA
This cardigan is another one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe, it was originally hip length but I managed to shrink the body of it in the wash although the sleeves stayed the same length (how bizarre!) It is made of wool so is lovely and warm but luckily it is a slim enough layer that it can even be worn under jackets and it bundles down to nothing in my bag when I overheat- brilliant!

Cardigan: BHS via Mark's mum
You can see how long my fringe has got again here! I am definitely going to grow it out next time I get my hair cut, I just hope my hairdresser can work her usual miracles with it! You can see how bright this print is too- you can't beat electric blue for cheering you up! I have been wearing liquid eyeliner more and more recently as it helps to define my oh so tired eyes and make me look more awake- I have been super busy recently so I need all the help I can get make-up wise!

I was originally going to wear this dress with my trusty black opaques but I actually prefer it with nude tights- it feels much easier and breezier and paired with these leg lengthening shoes I was skipping through the day. Seriously if you can, buy yourself a pair, they are so comfy and go with everything in my wardrobe!

Are you a leopard print fan? Any tips for growing out my fringe?


Sarah said...

This dress is lovely!

laura said...

I love a bit of leopard print! x

Nadia said...

when I grow out my fringe I always start by clipping it up into a quiff and then eventually switch to a side parting.

The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

LillianZahra said...

Love this dress! I grew out my fringe by parting it to the side and twisting the bigger part back into a sort of side quiff. x

Sherin said...

I love this dress! The colour suits you so well. I need it to be summer so I can wear dresses.

It took me ages to grow out my fringe. The best advice is to just be patient.

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Such a sassy outfit indeed Maria! I ADORE little dresses teamed with leather jackets and the blue leopard print looks amazing (: so sad that leather jackets are already out of the question for me here! Hope you're well darling <3

HighlandFling said...

That dress is so lovely! You look so sassy. This is the only way to wear Leopard print!

Em x

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love a bit of leopard print, especially if it's in a nice colour like this blue. This is a super lovely dress! x

Temporary:Secretary // Fashion and Beauty Blog

The Style Rawr said...

As you know, I LOVE leopard print and this dress is just so chic. Growing your fringe out can be a pain, I just recommend getting regular cuts. Mine has just about reached my lips but I have a long way to go!

Tara x

Admin said...

The shades of blue in that dress are so eye-catching! It's a great shape too.

Sash x

Vintage Reflection said...

Such a great colour on you! Super cute outfit!