Wednesday, 8 April 2015

An elegant Easter outfit...

This gorgeous white dress was another one from the wardrobe of the lovely Alice and it is absolutely beautiful. I have been waiting to wear it as it is definitely an 'occasion' dress and although I imagine it would be lovely for a christening, no-one I know has had a baby so the big Easter meal with my family was the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. I will take any excuse to get all dressed up and I know that this dress will become a staple for family occasions where I need to look sophisticated. I felt really elegant in this outfit and had a massive grin on my face all day- it's amazing what a gorgeous dress can do for your confidence and mood! I was originally going to curl my hair but I actually think that the straighter hair helps it look a little more modern, especially paired with a pinned back fringe. I went for my favourite red lipstick, Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday to jazz it up and it did the job nicely!

Dress: Marks & Spencer c/o Alice, shoes: Marks & Spencer
You can see just how gorgeous the heavy crochet lace is here and the black grosgrain ribbon too. I was a little bit nervous about how fitted this dress was but I think it looks OK, what do you think? I know I keep raving about Essie 'Aperitif' but it is just such a good classic red! I need to get some more Essie polishes- which shades should I try next?

This skirt is a little bit longer than I would usually feel comfortable in but I think that is what makes it look pulled together- maybe I just need to rethink what hemlines I can actually pull off? Paired with the comfiest mid heeled shoes I own, I think this almost-midi-length looks pretty darned good!

Which Essie shade should I try next? Do you get all dressed up for Easter?


Helen Fielding said...

Gorgeous dress! The length suits you as well- it's not that long at all, very sophisticated!

Dani said...

Looks really lovely and elegant! Such a pretty nail polish too! xx

Matthew Pike said...

You're the hardest working style blogger I know, there's always loads of new looks on your blog whenever I come visit.

Buckets & Spades

Alice said...

Hey, I know I'm a little bias seems I chose the dress, but it's a beauty for sure!
The detailing is exceptional and you wear it perfectly. It was always far too long on me, I think you pull off this length perfectly!
Thank you so much for the mention & I am so glad it found a home with you x x x

Juliet said...

Lovely dress :) I would recommend Tart Deco as a great Essie shade, it's a really pretty coral for spring/summer. Juliet xxx

Sherin said...

That dress is so amazing. It suits you so well. I'm excited to start wearing white dresses in time for the spring. I love the black bow around the waist too - gives it a perfect final touch.

Lily Lipstick said...

This dress is beautiful! x


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