#AmyandGarrygetmarried... (PICTURE HEAVY)

As you may have seen from the many messages on Twitter and Instagram, the lovely Amy and Garry got married at the weekend and it was just the most wonderful day. The reception was held at Lamb's Tavern in Leadenhall Market and you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location. I was so thrilled to be invited to the wedding and we had the best time- blogger friends really are the best! I never had many girl friends growing up but blogging has given me some amazing, smart and beautiful women that I am proud to call my friends and being part of their lives is an amazing thing. 

I mean, just look at that beautiful ceiling! 

You can't beat a cobbled street either...

Sadly all of our photos from the evening came out pretty blurry but you can definitely feel the love here- the lovely couple during their first dance. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried, Amy just looked so beautiful and I can't resist a couple in love!

There was lots of dancing... 

Image from the lovely Sarah
...especially with this beautiful lady! Sarah is one of my favourite ever blogger friends and it is so nice to spend the evening with someone you just click so well with. 

Unfortunately none of these photos were in focus but I think you can see how much Mark and I were enjoying ourselves!

The books hanging from the ceiling were amazing too- I just wish you could pull them down to read!

I really loved this starry ceiling, I just need to persuade Mark that we can paint ours like this! 

As the evening went on, we went down into the depths of Old Tom's bar, named after a gander who escaped slaughter in the early 1880s and lived to the grand old age of 37- not bad for a goose!

This rather cute 'Shanghai Shaun' the sheep provided much hilarity throughout the evening, as well as plenty of photo opportunities! 

You may recognise the wonderful work of  the very talented Sarah here too. We all added our fingerprints to this beautiful illustration rather than signing a guest book- isn't this such a lovely idea?!

This garden was tucked in by the New Court and was so beautiful. We did try and get some pictures in front of it but as it was a bank, a security guard told us that taking photos was forbidden and we had to scarper!

I have to say, the City is not an area of London that I know very well but it is absolutely beautiful, even if everything is shut at the weekend!

Dress: Coast, shoes: New Look, bag: ASOS
I wore this beautiful Coast Kampia dress (which is now on sale for £19!) along with my bargain New Look shoes and ASOS bag. Coast make the most beautiful dresses and are my 'go to' for occasion wear although I realised that I had committed a bit of a faux pas when I got to the wedding as they dress was a similar colour to the bridesmaids' ones- oops!

I fell in love with the inky blue/violet of this dress and these gorgeous embroidered flowers. As the dress was so elaborate, I kept my hair and make-up pretty simple and went for Essie 'Spin the Bottle' on my nails which may be my perfect nude shade!

We stayed at London Central Bank Travelodge which was gorgeous- way prettier than your average and super convenient too! The City may not be your first choice of places to stay but it was beautiful and it is pretty darned fun to wander around and pretend you are rich enough to live there!


The Style Rawr said...

Omgosh, what a cool location! Absolutely love the dress you chose, so beautiful.

Tara x

HJ said...

Holly here! (The ginger bridesmaid, sorry if we didn't actually chat on Sat, I was quite tiddly.) Just wanted to say that I actually really loved that quite a few guests (and the photographer!) wore navy too. As we bridesmaids weren't matching it made it feel like Amy's best gal pals were a huge bunch, which they are because she's so fab! Xx

LillianZahra said...

Such a lovely location! Love your dress! x

Unknown said...

I didn't realise how many of the bloggers I follow know each other! She Cooks, She Eats is pretty much my favourite blog and I was creeping on the #amyandgarrygetmarried tag on Instagram at the weekend. It looked like an amazing day and I love your outfit :)

MissPond said...

You look stunning Maria! You weren't to know about the bridesmaids at all- I think wearing a white dress would've been a faux pas!
The wedding venue looks wonderful too :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! I saw a couple of your pictures on Twitter/Instagram but these are beautiful.

What a unique location. I work in The City - nooo I couldn't afford to live there - and there are lots of quirky little places like this. I like the idea of dancing outside while still being 'inside'.. you and Mark look like you had a ball.

LOVE the books hanging from the ceiling and the fingerprint 'guestbook' =D When we were Pinning ideas for our wedding I saw similar guestbook ideas but always leaves on a tree.. never seen them as balloons before and Sarah's illustration is wonderful. Finally put two and two together as to where your pretty header image game from - doh!

Hope you're feeling better, enjoy the rest of your weekend x