Friday, 10 April 2015

Yes, another red lace dress...

I'm Maria and I can't stop buying  little red dresses. In fairness it has been a while since I last bought a little lace dress but my #simplybereal moment was right on! I found this M&S beauty on Amazon and it was the last one left, and in my size- it had to be fate! The colour s a bright scarlet and it is very bright, so much so that I had to turn the brightness down on these photos... I wore this for the Easter meal that I had with Mark's family and it was perfect for stuffing myself with plenty of banoffee pie as it skims over all my lumps and bumps nicely. Luckily the lace dresses it up enough that you don't need any other embellishment so it is super easy to wear too- who would guess that such a fancy looking dress would be so easy to wear? I couldn't believe how pale I looked in these pictures but I actually really love the contrast as it is so dramatic! 

Dress: Marks & Spencer via Amazon, shoes: Marks & Spencer, belt: Primark
I was worried that the neckline was a little bit frumpy as it looked quite matronly in some photos but it definitely grew on me throughout the day. I really love the sheer lace on the sleeves, I just wish the top of the bodice was the same- maybe that would help with the frump factor? I paired it with my favourite red lipstick (Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday FYI) and a different red nail varnish (for once!) This is the rather lovely Victoria & Albert by Nails Inc and it is another classic red that wears really well. I have had it on all week and it is only just starting to chip 4 or so days later.

I really  need to find a replacement pair of these shoes, I wear them nearly every day and they are starting to look a bit scruffy now. If anyone sees them in a size 7, please let me know! 

Which type of clothes do you keep buying?


Sherin said...

Such a pretty dress! The red lace looks amazing. The black belt tops off the look perfectly.

Lily Lipstick said...

Love this dress! I used to have quite a few red dresses - definitely need another! x

Gem said...

this isn't frumpy at all, I'd say it's very sassy xx

The Style Rawr said...

I know I say this all the time but RED is your colour! Wow! This dress is just perfect on you.

Tara x

SJ said...

This dress is a beaut! It reminds me of the 'Margot' dress that Erdem designed a few years ago, then the rest of the high street followed suit, but I never managed to get my hands on one – red lace skater dresses are definitely a hole that needs filling in my wardrobe! x


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