Sunday, 18 September 2016

Casual summer stripes...

It's been a while since I posted about wearing a crop top but since February, I have been introducing more and more of them into my wardrobe. They are the ideal match to my high-waisted skirts and surprisingly comfortable if you can find a good one. I am a fan of H&M's selection, mainly because they have them in a comfortable stretchy jersey material- I may be feeling more confident but I still need some wiggle room! This River Island skirt could have been made for me, I love the bright red colour and it is so comfy to wear, even when the weather is roasting! The adjustable waist is also a real bonus, there's nothing worse than feeling trapped in your clothes when it is boiling. I am someone who always burns in the sun (I even managed to burn through factor 50 after 20 minutes in the park the other week!) so you will usually find me lurking in the shade during the summer... if you see me outside at all! This lack of time spent in the sun does mean that my skin can be almost translucent but I'm hoping to be rewarded with fewer wrinkles in the future...

Top: H&M, skirt: River Island, shoes: Matalan, necklace: Warehouse
You know that I am a stripes fiend so it was inevitable that I would end up adding this top to my collection. The soft ribbed cotton is ridiculously soft and comfy and was the perfect backdrop to this delicate gold necklace. I bought it a while back in the Warehouse sale but the chain was ridiculously short so I used the broken chain from an old necklace to lengthen it slightly. It may not be the prettiest solution but it works!

A better look at this dainty bracelet. I originally bought it for a friend's birthday present but it was too nice to give away so I bought her something else instead!

Maxis are perfect for the summer, they're covered up but keep you cool and they are super fun for swooshing around in. Shoes in the summer are always a bit of an odd one for me, I can't deal with stuff between my toes so I always opt for single strap sandals. This pair are getting a little bit shabby now but they are so comfy that I can't bear to throw them away. Here's hoping Matalan bring out a similar pair next year!

Are you a fan of crop tops? What do you wear to stay cool during the summer?


Sherin said...

Stripes are my most favourite thing ever. And they go so well with that red cute skirt.

The Style Rawr said...

Red is your colour, Maria! I do love stripes in summer.... and all year round. :)

T x

Natasha Hill said...

I love that bright skirt with the top, it goes with the stripes beautifully! Perfect for this transitional season as well - you look lovely! - Tasha


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