I have just finished my first week of interning for the Civil Service in London and so far I am loving it! Last Sunday, I thought I was actually going to be sick as I was so scared of starting a job in a city where I have never lived. Nervous doesn't even begin to cover it! Selina at Flying Saucer has also written a guide to interning so go and have a look!
Luckily my lovely auntie, uncle and cousins have made me feel very welcome in their house and have been kind enough to let me stay there for the duration of my internship so I haven't had to find somewhere to live- an exercise in itself... So what can I tell you about interning?

#1 Be prepared

First of all, have a good breakfast! I get so hungry at work but I find if I eat a good breakfast I can stave off the hunger pangs until at least 10 o' clock! :P It also saves me a LOT of money as coffee and breakfast from somewhere like Starbucks is EXTORTIONATE and as a poor student who isn't paid until the end of the month, breakfast at home is definitely the best option! I also take my own lunch in as I have more money for socialising networking.

#2 Schmoozing...

Networking is the name of the game when you are interning, often when you are working, it's not what you know, it's WHO you know. I am very shy when I am meeting new people but this internship has really pushed me to meet new people and I have forced myself to get out and meet people. I am really glad I have though! All of the interns seem really really nice and without this internship I would never have met them :)

#3 Enthusiasm

Whilst you aren't going to know anything when you first start, enthusiasm gets you a long, long way. It will make it a LOT easier to get your head around all of the new information you have to retain and it t means that your manager will react more kindly towards you when you ask another silly question! The 'daily grind' will also be much more bearable if you are "alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!" (Does anyone else remember that from Brownies?!) 

#4 Organisation

Anyone who has ever met me will attest to the fact that I am the most disorganised person EVER. I start off with good intentions and a shiny new diary but inevitably organisation never happens. However, since I started work, I have been a lot more organised, because I HAVE to be. I need to get the train at a certain time and complete certain tasks each day and to have any chance of doing this I have to embrace a system of organisation *shudder*. At work we have Microsoft Outlook and the colour coding tool is a dream come true! Hopefully, this new found organisation will continue into term time too?! I can hope, I guess! I also find that laying my clothes out the night before saves me a LOT of time in the morning, giving me that extra 10 minutes in bed...lovely! :)

Obviously, every job is different, but hopefully you will be able to use these tips to help make your life (and everyone elses!) a lot easier if you are doing work experience somewhere!

Do you have any tips you would add? Have you done any work experience or interning? 
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Amy CT said...

I'm awake *touches head*, alert *touches shoulders*, alive *touches shoulders with arms crossed over*, enthu - *touches knees* - iast - *claps* - ic *clicks*


Am right?

English Rose ♥ said...

How exciting - loved this post!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by beautiful =]

Have a lovely week!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Rach said...

@ amy have you actully flipped?

Great post darling glad youre enjoying it x

Maria Fallon said...

Amy- you've got it! Gotta love a Brownie sing-a-long! ;)

English Rose- Thank you! Love as always :)

Rachel- She was flipped already! ;) I am loving it but missing the blogosphere! :(

Maria xxxx

Winnie said...

I'm so glad that you've had such a positive experience interning so far! So pleased for you :)

A'n'G Johnson said...

I just found you through the rosebud network; I'm excited I did, because I will be starting my internship in August!

Maria Fallon said...

I think it has definitely been a positive experience so far and I LOVE being in London! I definitely want to come and live here :)

Maria xxx