Cooking with Baking Mad: chocolate truffle cookies recipe

There's few things in life as satisfying as a warm cookie fresh out of the oven and I was able to indulge that impulse this weekend when I baked these delicious chocolate truffle cookies. I took the remainder of these into the office on Monday and I have never seen people so enthusiastic! Plus people were asking for the recipe, which is always a good sign I think! 

WARNING: these taste absolutely delicious and it is impossible to eat just one, however iron your willpower!

Baking Mad very kindly sent me a 'baking hamper' with some goodies in to get me started and I thought this would be the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon... Stupidly I forgot that we didn't have a lot of things needed for this recipe such as a sieve so there were a few lumps in my cocoa powder but nothing a good prod couldn't fix!

Hamper contained: Allison self-raising flour, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract, Billington's Golden Caster Sugar, Light Muscovado Sugar, Dark Muscovado Sugar  and a Baking Mad apron (!) all tied up in a pretty bow!


* 200g plain chocolate (70% cocoa)
* 55g unsalted butter
* 1 large egg, beaten
* 100g light muscovado sugar
* 1 tsp vanilla extract 
* 40g plain white flour
* 30g cocoa powder plus extra for dusting
* Salt
* ¼tsp baking powder

Pre-heat your oven to 180°C and line 2 baking sheets with baking parchment. Break 125g of the chocolate into a bowl and melt slowly. I used the 'bain-marie' method of placing the bowl into another bowl of warm water and stirring until the chocolate melted (it was so difficult to resist eating the chocolate at this point as it looked divine)

I also got the chance of using my beloved Kenwood mixer which is always super fun and makes the whole process much easier!

Cream together the butter and the sugar until pale and fluffy and add your beaten egg. The recipe suggests adding the vanilla at this stage but I  prefer adding it to the beaten egg mix as it is something my Grandma odes and she is the best baker I know! I also added another teaspoon of vanilla extract as I prefer a more vanilla-y taste. I'm a baking rebel, I don't like to follow rules! ;)

Pour in the melted chocolate and mix well. 

Baking Mad has a very cool 'baking mode' which tells you exactly which stage you are at and the ingredients needed which I really love, no more confusing the quantities! 

Sift together your flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder (this was the point where I realised that I didn't have a sieve and the shops were closed!) and add to the chocolate mixture until you get a delicious chocolate-y mix.

Fold in the remaining chocolate pieces. Cover the bowl and leave to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. 

Scoop out heaped teaspoons of mixture and roll in cocoa powder before placing them on the sheet. Although they look like little balls of poo at this stage, I promise you that they taste better than they look!

Bake for 10 minutes until the tops are starting to crack and look glossy.Leave to cool for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool down. 

Enjoy hot out of the oven or with a cup of tea and prepare for a hit of pure chocolate!


P.S. Baking Mad sent me (some of) the ingredients but the opinions are all my own!


Unknown said...

Omgosh! These look sooo good! I want to try them!

Tara x

LillianZahra said...

These look SO good! x

Sophie said...

Wow these look absolutely delicious!

katymitten said...

OH YUM. I WANT TO COME OVER AND EAT THESE. BUT A CAN'T. and they're probably gone now...! x

char said...

Oh fab, they look lovely!!