Purple pub party...

No, I'm not sure in the title either! ;) One of the main reasons why Mark and I moved to Cheltenham was in order for us to have some semblance of a social life. Our old flat was lovely and the views were stunning (I still miss those cows!) but convenient, it wasn't. Luckily where we live now is only about 10 minutes away from town and after-work-activities are now a very real possibility which is very exciting news! I wore this out for food and drinks at the pub and although I usually find that impossible to dress for, I was really pleased with this outfit. Living across the road from Tesco is lethal in many ways (hello reduced food!) but mainly due to the fact that I can now get hold of their awesome clothes without having to order them online- hooray! This purple top also comes in a gorgeous grey and pink but I really love the autumnal feel of this colour. I really love purple but despite that I don't seem to own a lot of it, although I'm sure that will change soon. Especially as long as I am living opposite Tesco!

Top: Tesco, jeans: Topshop, shoes: George at ASDA, necklace: Accessorize
I have been experimenting with my make-up recently and by the looks of these photos I went a little overboard on the blusher but hey ho, low lighting is very forgiving! I have been using my Primpcess palette a lot recently, the eyeshadows are all gorgeous neutrals and even I can muster up a smoky eye with them! This necklace is an old favourite of mine (here it is back in 2010 and 2011!) and jazzes up this plain top nicely.

The length of this top is awesome and skims over a food baby nicely which is ideal when you are indulging in yet another portion of sweet potato fries ;) Apologies for the less than picturesque backdrop but needs must when it is rush hour! Now we are all unpacked, is anyone interested in a mini house tour? I am super nosy so I love looking round people's houses so just let me know :)

Are you interested in a tour of our flat? Let me know!


The Style Rawr said...

I wouldn't say no to a tour flat! ;) I think you're wearing just the right amount of blush - you look lovely!

Tara x

Rachel The Hat said...

YES PLEASE to the tour of the flat!!
Lovely look Maria, the necklace is a beautiful finishing touch.
If you are ever on the look out for statement jewellery, i would love to invite you to check out Yosa (www.yosa.co.uk) my online jewellery boutique.
Hopefully you might find something you love ;)
Rachel xx

Sherin said...

Fabulous look. The purple top is so pretty. Oh, if I lived near a Tesco that did clothes, all my money would be going there.

Laura. said...

You look fantastic!


Unknown said...

Living so close to Tesco IS risky! I've been out of blogging for a bit as I've moved too...so a very belated 'congratulations' on the move! You look lovely,as always. I actually like dressing for the pub as I get to glam up my everyday outfits a little. x