Thursday, 20 November 2014

The perfect going out dress...

Going out is always a tricky thing, I love going out and dancing till my legs are sore but staying up late has always been a problem for me (I am tucked up in bed by half nine most nights!) Recently though I have been to a couple of shindigs (showing my age there!) and this dress is usually the first option on my list. I'm never 100% comfortable in anything too revealing but at the same time I am always far too warm so this sleeveless drapey dress from Whistles is the perfect compromise, It's fitted but not too bodycon and is long enough that I can wave my arms around with wild abandon when dancing without any fear of flashing! The colour is ace, described as airforce grey, it is actually a gunmetal blue (is that even a thing?!) and is a colour that seems to suit everyone. I love the fact that it is equally at home whether it is being worn to a pub, a house party or even a club- this dress truly is something special! 

Dress: Whistles, necklace: French Connection, shoes: Marks & Spencer
Luckily it doesn't need much accessorising (if any) and this simple geometric necklace is subtle enough to add interest without being overpowering. My hair had a lot of volume the evening I wore this so rather than trying to fight it, I went with the flow and ended up with some pretty eighties inspired make-up too.  I paired some bronze, gold and navy eyeshadow with my Soap and Glory Solar Power bronzer which I have a love hate relationship with. It looks fairly natural on my pale skin in real life but photographs really badly which is not cool... Paired with my Revlon lip butter in 'Peach Parfait', I was ready to roll. I love a strong lipstick for the evening but it always seems to wear off pretty quickly and I am in no fit state to reapply it precisely so I tend to go for strong eyes instead- the more lived in they look, the better, I think!

I can't be dealing with walking for miles in high heels and as I was going from a house party, into town, I plumped for this M&S pair instead. Again, nothing ground-breaking but still fun to wear (and really comfy too!) You can get a better look at the nipped in waistline and pockets (!!) here too, they are only minor details but make a world of difference to the fit of the dress. I know I am gushing but Whistles really can do no wrong in my eyes recently, especially when they are making such beautiful dresses!

What's your failsafe outfit for a night out? 


laura said...

That dress is just gorgeous, the colour is divine. Beautiful Wifey! x

The Style Rawr said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful frock! It looks so delicate and feminine.

Tara x

Sherin said...

The dress is the prettiest. That colour is absolutely gorgeous!
I've never bought anything from Whistles before, but a few things have caught my eye recently. I think I need to make my first purchase there soon.

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful dress...the colour is perfect!

t said...

Fab dress! It's a lovely colour!

xo T.

Winnie said...

Oh you look lovely in that dress Maria, blue is such a lovely colour on you. Loving the make up too!

HighlandFling said...

Maria! That colour and style was made for you. What a classy lady you look!

Em x

char said...

I love this dress, the satin makes it look so delicate. I tend to go for a dress, heels and clutch bag.

going out dresses said...

This is something I would never put together myself. Your so lucky you can pull anything of it seems.


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