Monday, 10 November 2014

Stormy seas and burgundy...

These photos were taken all the way back in September but as this is an outfit I wear fairly often, I decided to use these pictures despite the clear change in the weather. I may always be warm but even I can't get away with just short sleeves now! I really love burgundy but I only seem to wear it in Autumn, I guess it just feels too heavy at any other time of year? These photos weren't taken in our usual location but I like the more urban look that our car park gives them (ah how pretentious does that sound?!) This is a pretty standard outfit for me these days, my pretty blouses have been looking too twee when paired with skirts so jeans have been the perfect way to toughen them up. 

Top: Tesco, jeans: Gap, shoes: Marks & Spencer, satchel: Brit Stitch
Unfortunately all of my photos ended up with this weird half-open smile but you can see just how chuffed I was with this outfit! This lipstick is the lovely 'Vixen' by Tesco and is the perfect creamy burgundy shade. I have been super impressed with Tesco's lipsticks recently- I can't seem to find them online but definitely look out for them instore, they are surprisingly good value!

I have raved about my beautiful half pint Brit Stitch satchel before but isn't it just beautiful? I love the fact that it matches my top so well too, I was so chuffed when I saw the blue-y grey colour in the pattern!

These jeans are another Gap purchase- am I just particularly short (I wear a 30" leg and the regular length is still too long on me) or are all of Gap's jeans just really long? Turn-ups are a bit of a love/hate thing but anything that draws attention to these awesome shoes can only be a good thing (at least till I can find somewhere to get them tailored)



Gem said...

love it all but I really love those block heels. I avoid all jeans length issues by wearing only dresses ;) xx

The Style Rawr said...

I love burgundy too!! I'm also all about those heels. <3

Tara x

Sian Thomas said...

Really cute outfit, especially the shoes! I remember seeing these on the M&S website and wanting to try them on in person, but they all sold out before I even had the chance! Your top is so pretty too, love the colour on you :)
Sian xx Rebel Angel

Claire Reynolds said...

Yay Britstitch! Love the colour of yours mate, and those heels are to die for <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

Matthew Pike said...

yes let's call that the chuffed look

Buckets & Spades

char said...

i love burgundy but also only seem to wear it in the autumn.


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