British Style Bloggers

Recently, you may have noticed that Frills 'n' Spills have joined Twitter and I am addicted! I literally spend all of my time on there and it has taken over from Facebook as my procrastination of choice. I have also met some really lovely bloggers on there and am going to do a post devoted to these lovely ladies VERY SOON. However, I also found an amazing site called British Style Bloggers that is dedicated to all things stylish in lil old Blighty.
Basically, it is a place for British fashion/beauty/style bloggers to meet up, discuss ideas and share just how fab they are. There is also the option of guest blogging and I volunteered to do a post on 'Style Icons'  for the site. (You can read my post HERE) Please let me know what you think and send me some feedback :)

Apologies if my posting is a little sporadic for the next couple of weeks, I have a lot going on at home and I also have deadlines and exams looming, meaning that there's not a lot of time spare. I am hopefully moving back to uni next Sunday which I am obviously excited about but I will miss my family and being home lots. Where I live is so pretty, especially in the spring sunshine and I will miss how pretty it is when I am back in grey, concrete-filled Coventry.
However, I will endeavour to post as much as I possibly can but I don't like just posting 'filler' so I will probably not be posting as much as I have been these past couple of weeks. Once my exams are over I should have a few weeks before I start my internship so I will be blogging more then! I  know that both Danni and I are so grateful for all the lovely people who take time to read and comment and follow our blog and I am so lucky to have met all these lovely new bloggy friends! (Yes I AM being soppy but oh well!)


Amy of BSB :) said...

Thank you so much for writing about us and being so nice! :)


Maria Fallon said...

No problem! It's lovely that there is this kind of resource for people :) xxx