Recent outfit choices...

On the day we all met up to do some filming I decided to wear my favourite nude Miss Selfridge top and my brown H&M shorts accessorized with my giant ring and my current favourite lipstick; Rimmel Colour Show off in 030 'Tell No One'.

 It was the first time I had straightened my hair in about 6 months- what do you think? Do you like it better straight or curly?
Maybe not the most practical outfit for the sunny (yet chilly) weather but oh well!
A close up of my shoes! These were £7 from Tesco a couple of months ago and they are so comfy!
A very funny pose trying to show off my ring and my lipstick in one photo :)
 For the filming itself I had to be back in my costume of  floral dress and flat shoes...
I wore this dress the day after too because it is one of my absolute favourites and I absolutely love it!
Sorry for my grumpy expression, I wasn't feeling too brilliant :(
My mum HATES this coat, she thinks I look like a gorilla when I wear it! I love it though, it is so warm and makes me feel so glamourous
You can just see some of my bling poking out on my left hand too :)
I just like the fact I managed to find some lovely adjustable rings in such pretty designs :)
I love the fact you can see my E45 moisturiser in the background! :P
What outfits have you been wearing recently? Would you ever wear faux fur?


StephanieDJL said...

You look so different with curly hair but equally adorable! I love these looks too, especially the nude top and shorts; so chic! I like the look of faux fur jackets but I personally wouldn't wear one as it doesn't fit into the aesthetic of style I'm trying (and failing) to create andd being a 6'2 beast I would literally look like a bear.

Maria Fallon said...

Aww thank you! I am beginning to get OBSESSED with shorts at the moment! I am on the look out for some floral you have any recommendations? How would you define your style aesthetic then? Maria xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Stephanie I never realised you were tall too :) I feel your pain! But still bought a fur coat - it's cosiness completely counters the fact that I look like a woodland creature :P


daisychain said...

Love your outfit!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you :) xxx

Annie Spandex said...

I wish we had Miss Selfridge here is America. I like the hair straightened! Looks cute :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you are SO gorgeous! I love that pink lip. You look so glamorous with that fur! :D


PinkBow said...

i like your pink ruffle top!

Maria Fallon said...

* Annie- I love Miss Selfridge! It's definitely one of my favourite shops :) Does it not ship to the US then??

* Melanie- Thank you! I love my coat no matter what my mum says! :P

* Pink Bow - Thank you! I ordered it because I thought it was paler but it's a lot more peachy than I originally thought but I really love it :)

Anonymous said...

I love wearing faux fur! (not real fur, eurgh)

You look lovely in that pink top! Hope filming went well


English Rose ♥ said...

I LOVE your rings Maria!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darlings - your wonderful comments are always very much appreciated =]

Stay safe and chic mes chéries,
English Rose x

Maria Fallon said...

* S- It is definitely one of my favourite tops and filming was good thank you :) Hopefully it should be edited fairly soon and up online (it is a LOT siller and more rue than the others...not one for the parents methinks :P)

* English Rose- Thank you, rings have become my latest obsession! I am always on the lookout for more...and ditto on the comments front! :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Love the nude top. It's so Summery. I think Summer has officially come to England, so I'm getting all my Summer stuff out.
I also love the colour of the lipstick!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you Sherin! I am loving the warm wweather at the moment, lots of open toed shoes and strappy tops :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

love the first ring, so cute!

Maria Fallon said...

Thank you :)