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Gooood morning - long time no see! I have to start with truly sincere apologies for my complete lack of communication recently. My usually reliable computer decided to have a little holiday of its own, and completely closed in on itself. Normally I'd be grateful for a little nudge away from the computer screen, as it's all I seem to stare at recently, but I had no way of accessing all my degree work and was in a minor panic about having to rewrite everything. Luckily, super-dad and his work friends managed to sort it out for me [in a way that only true computer geeks can do] and I am finally back on track with everything! 

I feel like I've let Maria and all you lovely readers down, especially as we start to move the blog along - and I have to thank Miss. Fallon for all her tweaking and prettifying; I think the new layout is fab, and am ultra excited about getting up and running with twitter (Don't forget to check out Maria's British Style Bloggers post here... I'm very proud!!). For all this neglect I'm sorry, and hope to make extra efforts this month!

So, now the apologies are well and truly established, I can make an attempt at showing you what on earth I've been up to during my laptop-lockdown. It's amazing how a sudden lack of technology can remind you of that little thing called fresh air, and I've been taking full advantage of the distinct lack of April showers this week (please god don't say I've jinxed it!). I love random wanderings, whether it's on my own, with friends or family, I find I can just let go and properly relax...and of course for me that means taking lots of pictures.
Naturally, when the sun breaks out here in England, the ice-lollies follow and I've certainly been getting my fair share :). Summer sunshine (although I'm aware it's barely spring!) always makes me pine after strawberries and cream too, but a distinct lack of cream meant I had to get a little imaginative...
Granola + sunshine = LOVE. In between eating ice-lollies and concocting random bowls of loveliness, I've also been spending lots of time with family and friends. Nothing out of the ordinary; cinema trips, shopping, film nights etc, but right now I think it's exactly these ordinary things that will make memories. Extraordinary can wait.
Watching district 9 on the Conservatory wall... not exactly Odeon but close enough!
Having a boogie with the girlies
Watching the big debate... my vote's definitely with Ben, or maybe Jerry?!

Well that's my April so far just about summed up, I hope the lack of earlier posts has been made up by the excess of random photos!

What's your April been like so far? Are you looking forward to Summer?


daisychain said...

I so want ben and jerrys now.

Rick said...

A+ for ben and jerry

Maria Fallon said...

it certainly got more attention from me than the politicians did. Thank god for cookie dough :)


Winnie said...

Yum Ben and Jerrys and lovely shots too. A fellow Midland blogger? I love it!

Maria Fallon said...

Yes Winnie- I was so excited when I saw your Black Country Museum post!! Haven't been there since primary school, but I cherish the memories of the fish and chips :P


Ellie said...

Yay for April! Best month of the year so far I reckon. Lovely weather and apart from the choas of the Volcanic Cloud its shaping up to be a good un'!

These photos are so pretty!

Maria Fallon said...

I just want the ash cloud to disappear! :(

Maria xxx