Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Oh to be nine again...

Yesterday was my little cousins 9th birthday. She of course felt super-grown up, and couldn't believe she was but one year away from the big one-oh. I on the other hand spent many a quiet minute trying desperately to remember what it felt like to be so young, carefree and fearless. You've gotta admire that inquisitive side of kids (and I suppose our former, smaller selves!) really, I mean nothing, nothing seems to scare them. Other than the stylings of their own imagination...another thing which seems to drift away with age! Anyway, before this turns into a "well, back in my day..." sort of ramble, I've made a vow to try and inject some of that childlike impishness into my day. Whether it's a quick skip in the rain or just a cheeky splash of colour in my work, I'm going to find my inner child :)

With that in mind, I ended up choosing a pretty boring outfit for the party, before adding a sheer colour-flash to brighten things up a tad. There's something quite comforting about primary colours...in all their lurid glory. I guess it's another hark back to the good old days of poster paint, overalls, and trying desperately to paint an accurate picture of next doors pet cat ...or something like that. Of course, it always came out looking like a lollipop gone wrong, but it's the effort that counts!

Why so serious?
A little splash of colour...
et voila! Smiles all round

I've also been trying to wear less make-up over the holidays, as my skin seems to have its own ideas of regressing back to years gone by. Unfortunately, it's stopped abruptly at the early teenage years and so pimples are a go-go. To try and complement this toned down approach, I've also been looking for new ways to do eye make-up. I've been utterly stuck in a smokey-eyed rut for the past year, and so decided to try a quick slick of 1920's style eyeliner yesterday, or for want of a better description..FLICKY EYE
 Well... I did try. Honestly I did, but it didn't quite seem to work. This was probably due to the lack of liquid eyeliner in my make-up box [excuses, excuses] and so i went out and bought a cheap one today to make a better attempt. But I'm not really sure what the flicky-eye protocol is....I mean, inside to outside or vice-versa? Thick line or thin line? Eyes open or closed? AAAARGH the possibilities are endless, and I'd greatly appreciate a little help if anyone has any tips :)
I'll have to love you and leave you I'm afraid, as Brownies is looming [no, I'm not actually a seven year old, as much as I'm trying to feel like it! I'm a leader of a local pack] but I really wanted to recommend some muscial nectar in the form of Pheonix, their latest album is a beaut - it will definitely be making an appearance on my revision playlist. Go go gooo!



Winnie said...

I'm a fan of eyeliner and the cateye. You have such gorgeous eyes!

Danni and Maria said...

thanks Winnie...that's really sweet! I'm gonna have to practice the eyeliner methinks :P

E is for Eleanor said...

You do have great eyes :) the make up looks great! x

Anonymous said...

You've done it really well! I think it looks great.


daisychain said...

love the eyeliner!

English Rose ♥ said...

Love the eyeliner - you looked great!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the writing this! I’m new at this game so am trying to catch up.

Anonymous said...

It agree, very good message


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