Filming and meeting up with friends...

For about 2-3 years now, my friends have been filming a series called 'The Walls have Eyes' about a character called Mighty Chris, played by my friend, Chris, who fights againsts zombies sent out by the evil walls. This is not something I normally share with people (you will see why after you have watched them!) but we always have such fun filming them, that it would be rude to keep these all to myself!
 The Walls have Eyes
Conceived by Mark Richards, Peter Faizey and Chris Winterborn it tells the story of how the Walls first invaded our planet and were stopped by the heroic Mighty Chris. A parody of our increasing difficulty to write a first part of the hexilogy (thats 6 films you know) containing the usual balance of Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Amazing Original Music and gratuitous amounts of overacting!

The Walls have Eyes 2
The evil Walls have evolved and are attempting to take over the world... again! The sequel to a film that has not yet been made, The Walls Have Eyes 2 follows the mission of a mysterious and brave hero, Mighty Chris, as he leads an epic fight against evil... again? 

The Walls have Eyes 3 
The second sequel to the film that was originally never made, but is however now in post-production. The Walls Have Eyes! 3. Questions are answered, answers are questioned. But more important than anything, 10 minutes are gained! As promised Mighty Chris returns to continue his fight with the fearsome Walls. Along the way meeting new friends and adversaries, and performing to a backing track of copyrighted songs and inspired original music.
Watch it HERE  

The Walls have Eyes 4
After a troubled production to rival that of Blade Runner and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the far less artistic and infinitely less originally titled The Walls Have Eyes! 4 is now here! In this strange but quite beautifully directed instalment of the Mighty Chris franchise, Mighty Chris battles with loneliness as the world no longer needs him. A chance encounter with a well dressed homeless man, however, encourages Chris to come to terms with his troubled past and reveal secrets about his twisted enemy Wallovsky's dual personalities.
Watch it HERE

The majority of the music is original, composed by my very talented friend Pete and my acting is amateur at best! We are currently working on 'The Walls have Eyes- The Musical' which will be even more silly than these. Here are some pictures taken whilst filming...
I don't know WHY Mark was wearing my hat but oh well!
Chris in a typical 'Mighty Chris' pose
My beautiful friend Sophie recently had her her cut short in the style of Carey Mulligan and I absolutely LOVE it and I think it really suits her :)
As ever, we had a LOVELY couple of days and I hope to meet up with everyone again very soon :)
I hope you have a good laugh at my very poor acting skills and enjoy the show!  ;)


daisychain said...

too damn awesome!

Maria Fallon said...

Did you watch me embarass myself at great length then?!

Maria xxx

Shayna said...

I'm so jealous that your friend can have that haircut AND look so cute!

Maria Fallon said...

I know! It looks absolutely adorable! I am so jealous... :) xxx