Apologies for the lack of posting recently! Since being home, my internet access has been sporadic at best and I haven't been able to take any pictures either. Hopefully this week I will be able to get back on track because I miss you guys and I have so much to talk about!  You can still find me on Twitter though so pop by and say hello :) 

If you have any ideas about what you want to see on Frills 'n' Spills, then let me know in the comments! 


Hannah said...

looking forward to seeing your return. hope you had a lovely weekend =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Chloe said...

Come back soon please. That is all.

daisychain said...

Here are some post ideas;

1. why you are so awesome

2. why you love me so much

3. umm...yeah. that pretty much covers it


Unknown said...

Have a good blogging break, even if it is forced upon you everyone needs some time away from the computer screen! See you back again soon!

Winnie said...

Don't worry about it Maria! See you soon when you're able to write again :)