Rambling in the woods... (PICTURE HEAVY)

Not blogging for a few days has been very strange, I have felt completely out of the loop as I have barely been online and I now have all of your lovely blogs to catch up on; both a daunting and exciting prospect! I realised how much time I spend thinking about blogging too as every other thing was blogworthy but my lack of internet meant that I had to just enjoy the moment rather than just try and document it without really experiencing it, does that make any sense?! 

Just for you Laura <3 
I did promise y'all some photos with my new backdrop and with the help of my little sister I have managed to deliver :) I have to say though, my favourite part of being home? Being reunited with my beloved leather jacket, 10 weeks without this is 10 weeks too many! It's definitely one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe!
Dress: H! by Henry Holland, leather jacket: New Look, belt: stolen from my brother, socks: Marks & Spencer, shoes: Dorothy Perkins
My little sister, Isobel and I went out for a walk after dinner and the dappled sunlight was just gorgeous so she became very snap happy. The area where I live is quite isolated which makes getting anywhere an absolute nightmare but it does make for a very pretty backdrop for some outfit posts! Wasn't the sun today absolutely gorgeous? I couldn't believe how warm it was too: it said 24 degrees on the thermometer here :D

There are drystone walls made of gorgeous yellowy Cotswold stone everywhere and literally hundreds of trees absolutely everywhere! Unfortunately some of these photos came out quite dark so I have had to lighten them a bit but hopefully it doesn't look too unnatural or brash? My socks were a bit of a last minute addition as the nettles here are lethal. I learnt the hard way that bare ankles resulted in a lot of stings last time I was home!

Clambering up onto the gate was not my most elegant moment but that camera angle does make my legs look longer, which can't be a bad thing right?! There are so many horrific outtakes from today but I am relatively vain so I am saving them for a 'special' outtakes special post. I'm sure every blogger has a folder full of failed images on their computer judging by the number of snaps it took to get some half decent ones here! :P I like this picture though as it actually wasn't posed and I look quite happy which I like :) I told you I was vain!

Did you make the most of the sunshine? What do you miss most when you are on a 'blogging break'?


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, the dress is even nicer on than in your twitter pic! Love your tights as well. It looks so pretty around where you live, I wish I lived more in the coutry! I miss Twitter esp when I don't have internet, it's a bit sad really!

Hannah said...

gorgeous dress, I love the print!! glad you had fun with your sister =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Maria Fallon said...

Nic- Thank you love :) It is really pretty just very impractical! I am so addicted to the internet it's unreal :P

Hannah- Thank you, it was lovely :)

Maria xxx

Leanne Cornelius said...

Looks like a fab day and such a pretty place, gorgeous outfit too x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

aw lovely photos!
How nice has the weather been & to day it was lushhhhh- such a shame a was cooped up in doors all day.

Abbie said...

Lovely post, lovely dress, lovely weather! I can't remember when I last saw so much blue sky!

Me and Dany went to our local park and enjoyed the sunshine and did a spot of reading for uni... it did make the task more enjoyable!

Abbie xx

helen turnbull said...

I love shoots in the woods!

Thanks for the comment :).

Helen, X

Maria Fallon said...

Leanne- Thank you :) It really is gorgeous!

Steph- Aww thank you love :) Why were you indoors, you missed out on such a lovely day :(

Abbie- Thank you :) I love it when the weather co-operates with my uni deadlines! :)

Helen- I know, I felt like some kind of wood-sprite! :P

Maria xxx

Gem said...

The photo of you on the gate is beautiful! I always feel too self conscious to take photos outdoors but who cares, I'm going to go and give it a go!! :)
The socks are so cute.

Lizzy Lips said...

I love going back to my parents house in the countryside where I grew up. Your pictures very much remind me of that. It look beautiful espesh in the sunshine. Loving the H by Henry Holland dress too.

Maria Fallon said...

Gem- Thank you lovely! You should definitely take some outside, I did get some funny looks but ah well! And the socks are amazing, they don't fall down or anything!

Lizzy- Thank you, it is a lovely part of the country, where are you from?

Maria xxx

Martha said...

Looks like you had a lovely time - I agree about the final pictures, definitely captures the beauty of the moment! Pretty dress too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're wearing such a lovely dress! And it looks like you're having fun. -- Great blog by the way! :)

Maria Fallon said...

Martha- Thank you :) It was just such a beautiful evening!

Marloes- Aww thank you :)

Maria xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I think it can be really liberating to have that break from the internet. Sometimes I'll turn my router and phones off for the entire weekend. I'm twitching for the first hour or so but then I enjoy the weekend just for me.

I really like that dress by the way.

daisychain said...

I spy a DAISY! I knew you loved me ;)

Maria Fallon said...

A Thrifty Mrs- Thank you :) It was liberating but also quite ennerving too!

Laura- You know I love you ;) <3

Maria xxx

daisychain said...

Ahaha oh you do make me so happy. Deffo earnt you a mug ;) x

char said...

That daisy picture made me smile! I love the weather at the moment, and all of your pictures are fab, it's making me want to go and walk in the woods! :)

When I am away from the blog for a few days i usually feel badi f i haven't schedules posts before i go...

Abbie said...

Hi! Just to let you know I've tagged you in my Kreativ Blogger Award post :)


StephanieDJL said...

You look gorgeous in that dress & I love it with the socks!