This week has been...tea-tastic!

I think liking tea has become a bit of a blogger cliché, along with liking cupcakes, peter pan collars and whimsical vintage prints. I do have the obligatory 'Keep calm...' poster but I genuinely do love tea.. [maybe not as much as Hayley though!] I drink gallons of the stuff when I am at uni (more if I am working to a deadline!) and I like to have pretty mugs to keep my tea in. Last year for Easter, Mark bought me a hand-painted Whittards mug with an Easter egg in the top. When I went to Swindon designer outlet, my first port of call was the Whittards shop and I spotted this little lovely. I am a sucker for anything with a cute print and this mug was no exception!

I should stay straight off that I am a strong brew, milk, no sugar kind of gal but I have always been curious about more exotic forms of tea. My housemate Lisa has this tea and it always smells amazing so I am excited to try it out! The main reason I picked this up though was the cup, isn't the pattern just amazing?! 

I also received some free tea from Clipper after seeing Lucy's fab post alerting me to the opportunity. I have been a fan of Clipper since my mum bought me some of their tea for uni but I  never tried green tea so I am looking forward to trying that! 

I swear, barbeques with my family are the nicest way to spend sunny weekends! Some gorgeous burgers and sausages from a local farmers market, caramelised onion cooked on the barbeque and Fab lollies for pudding. There really is nothing better! 

Our garden looks so pretty at the moment, these ragged edges tulips are everywhere! 

I will leave you with a sneak peek of an outfit post I have planned :) 

What have you been up to this week? How do you spend your weekends? 

P.S. I have rediscovered my love for Tumblr and would love to see yours :)  


Lizzy's Lips said...

I am now craving BBQ, I've not had once since last summer. Uuum sausages!

Cute shoes and you're spot on with the blogger cliche what is it with tea and cupcakes? But I do love tea and cupcakes!!!

Maria Fallon said...

Lizzy- seriously DO IT. The best Saturday I have had in a long time! :) I love tea and cake too, we are such clichés! ;)

Maria xxx

KLEE said...

i really don't like tea, (i'm a coffee girl!) but that first picture is really tempting me to buy pretty tea related things.. haha. i'm desperate for a bbq now too!! oh god, this post has made me want everything in it! xx

Chloe said...

TEA. I love tea, but not so much breakfast tea. Latest addictions include the Dr Stuart's Apple and Ginger that The Guy sent me, Earl Grey- always a fave and Vanilla Red Bush is great too. Unfortunately I have just as bad an addiction to coffee, which is going to be my downfall!

Loving the look of the barbeque, Fab lollies really are the BIZ for summer. By far superior. Although not barbequed, we ate steak this weekend. Still suffering the food coma....

Anonymous said...

Those tulips are gorgeous!! and can't wait to see your outfit looks very colourful xxx

Maria Fallon said...

Klee- You just have to buy pretty cups for your coffee instead then ;)

Chloe- Ooh they sound nice, I am determined to try more exotic types of tea now I have my infuser :)

Lorna- Thank you, the outfit has quite a jolly colour scheme :)

Maria xxx

kate louise. said...

Mmmm, yummy sausages! We had a barbeque on saturday but burnt nearly everything! Ooops. :P Thats possibly the cutest mug ever! x x

Carlinn said...

love all your photos and that cup is so pretty! :) x

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

So much foody goodness in this post Maria! Craving a BBQ now, totes going to have a barbeque day with the girls once I'm back at Uni (: I love a good green tea, but can't drink English tea for the life of me, does that make me a fail blogger?! ;) Love those sienna orange flared trousers, excited to see the outfit post! xo

daisychain said...

I love Chai tea, and peppermint tea, and earl grey, and fennel

and good old PG TIPS!

Gem said...

I'm mad about tea! you can sign up on the twinnings site for free tea I think.
I have to have English breakfast in the morning and if you want a nice strong cup of tea Assam is lovely.
I love the Whittards instant cranberry and raspberry tea at the moment, they have a lovely mug in there that has alice in wonderland on it and a key as the handle

Maria Fallon said...

Kate Louise- It is amazing :)

Carlinn- Thank you, I love my cup, it's adorable!

Michelle- I aim to please ;) Barbeques are one of my favourite things :)

Laura- I am a big fan of Clipper Teas! :)

Gem- Me too! Whittards is amazing, got to be one of my favourite shops!

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

Mmm delicious! Also can't wait to see the whole outfit, that is one awesome sneak peak!

Hayley said...

I seem to have a bit of a reputation...hehe! I don't really do loose tea though, too much faff!

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

I'm a green tea freak! Naturally drinks loads a day!
I could eat loads of FAB too! Not so good for the waist line, but you know, a little won't harm! xoxo

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iliketweet said...

Omge, I want BBQ!

Love Tweet


Susie said...

Ooh, with green tea you can make my *favorite* cold summer drink--iced green tea lemonade! It's heavenly!

Dawniepants said...

I have just got back into my clipper white tea again. I'm totally loving the tea theme! Oh and that outfit even a sneak peak looks amazing....

Maria Fallon said...

Harriet- I do like the outfit, totally made my day :)

Hayley- I always associate tea with you :)

Cindy- A little of what you fancy does you good! ;)

Clare- It was probably the best meal I have had all week!

Susie- That sounds AMAZING! Do you have a recipe?

Dawn- Thank you, Clipper Tea is probably my favourite at the moment :)

Maria xxx

cowbiscuits said...

I love tea! iced tea with peach and lemon is the best!

your bbq looks fab! xx

Jaymie said...

haha so true but I do adore tea and cupcakes to, it has got to be said.
great pictures, so summery.

ediot said...

hi darling. thanks for stopping by me.
i LOVE tea. my sister just bought me the most delicious tea this weekend. it's sweet chai-- soo yummy
nice photos here
wish you a great week

Rebecca said...

i don't care if its a cliché, i can't help but love tea! your mug is lovely (: and those shoes look intriguing...