Slouchy chic?

Magazines and television shows are always telling us to 'dress for your shape' and whilst I tend to stick to dresses and skirts I try to wear what I want, whether or not I look ridiculous. What do you do though, when outfits you love, aren't flattering? I love these clothes both separately and together but I'm not sure if they make me look a bit schlumpy. I think the fact that the curse of the creased trousers has returned may have something to do with it... I really hate it when outfits don't photograph very well, I love this outfit but these pictures make it look awful :( 

Top: Gap outlet, trousers: Miss Selfridge, shoes: Carvela from John Lewis, necklace: Dorothy Perkins
This outfit was inspired by Michelle and Blair who both look fab in loose layers but I think you need to look like them for this look to work! I probably should have worn these trousers with heels but I wanted something comfy and still chic and I matched my blusher to my shoes ;) You can't really see it in these pictures but I am wearing 'Summer Rose' by Mac which is a gorgeous dusky pinky/purple shade which matches my shoes perfectly! 

I really love these shoes and now it's warmer I can wear them without worrying that I am going to ruin them. They are velvet with huge sparkly bows on the front and I can't help but think that they are totally me in shoe form! 

Is it me or does my hair look much shorter here? I woke up with huge bed-head hair this morning but with a swoosh of serum through it it looked like I as going for the big bouncy curl effect... right?! I like the fact you can see me clutching my camera remote in this picture. It has proved invaluable for using with my tripod but I can't quite get to grips with hiding it for photos. I bought this top when I went on my epic shopping spree to Swindon on Tuesday. I have never been convinced when people talk about basic tops but I think I have been converted. This t-shirt is so soft and although I would never usually choose such a slouchy fit, I can't help but think it will be perfect for when the weather arms up again! The best bit about it though is the fact it is sparkly! That's right, even my basic grey tee has a hint of bling about it! I picked up some lovely things and I have THE best Easter present from Mark waiting to be opened :D 

Do you have outfits that don't photograph well? Which bloggers do you look to for style inspiration? 

P.S. I love writing and receiving letters, would anyone be interested in becoming penpals? 


Rachel said...

I like the trousers, nothing wrong with a bit of slouch in my opinion! I do know what you mean about 'the curse of the creased trousers' though...I have a playsuit that does it reeeally badly x

Hannah said...

I absolutely adore those shoes!! I would be so scared of them getting ruined in the rain though! :o) x

Sick by Trend said...

you look fabulous honey!! :) I'm following! love your pants!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Miss Lottie Rose said...

Awww I love your blog so much! Your pictures are adorable!
Now following :)

Abbie said...

Love your outfit, and your hair looks gorgeous and super curly! :)

Maria Fallon said...

Rachel- Thank you! I hate my clothes creasing, especially when I have ironed them beforehand!

Hannah- Thank you, I can only wear them when it's nice weather though :(

Sick by Trend- Thank you!

Charlotte- Thank you :D

Abbie- Thank yuo :)

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

I love this look. Sometimes slouch is definitely best, no matter what you shape. This looks great on you though.

Deborah x

Sherin said...

I love those trousers. I have a few similar ones, but am still far too cold to wear them! And I love how you paired it with the plain grey top: perfect combination.
And the bows on the shoes are so pretty.

Cherry said...

Your outfit looks great!

Unknown said...

I definitely think you should wear what you want and ignore the dressing for your shape rubbish magazines seem to love! I like to think I know what looks good on me, and if other people disagree who cares?!

You definitely know what looks good on you - this outfit is a stunner! It's such a simple look, but so chic, I absolutely love it! One of my favourite outfits of yours to date I think!

Anonymous said...

I prefer myself in dresses and skirts too but try to make trousers work when I like them.....and you have defo made this work xxx

Fashionistable said...

You look very sweet. I love your hair. Xxxx

Maria Fallon said...

Deborah- Thank you, sometimes I just like to be comfy! :)

Sherin- Thank you, I just wanted something simple and comfy!

Cherry- Thanks :)

Harriet- That is so true! And thank you :)

Fashionistable- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I don't actually know what my shape is or how to dress for it haha! I'm awful! I just wear things that are pretty (: You look absolutely perfect in that outfit, the cut of the trousers paired with a loose top is so flattering. Your hair looks rather lovely too! Thanks for the mention Maria <3 x

Hannah said...

i think you look fab in this outfit, the trousers are great

Bow Dream Nation xx

Anonymous said...

Well despite being in the biggest rush earlier to leave the house just as I was closing firefox I saw your outfit photo and just had to click becuase I thought it looked so good.
Trust me, this is a good look for you! I didn't wear any form of trousers for 4 years until october when my flatmate convinced me to buy these trousers that I would never have thought I would look good in, let alone be confident enough to wear them out. But sure enough I love them to bits.
So I think I was immediately drawn to your outfit because the trousers are an unusual shape, and look so lovely on you!

& your hair looks super gorgeous in these photos, I can't believe all you did was add serum! I wish my hair was so manageable!

I definitely have outfits that don't photograph well, mostly ones that I love but in photos look far too boring to bother posting as sometimes the different textures of my typically all-black ensembles get lost on the photos


p.s. I would absolutely love to be a pen pal, I've never actually had one except a german pen pal when I was 14 and my german was limited to say the least!

Sarah - essbeevee said...

I always love your hair, it's so bouncy!

I think you look lovely in these shots - I do know what you mean though. I feel a bit like that about the photos I'm posting tomorrow. Looked so much nicer IRL!

Rebecca said...

your outfit hasn't photographed that badly at all! you look lovely (:

Lizzy Lips said...

Looks better then you think Maria. The loose layers avoid any lumps and bumps one might have while the high waist nips in the narrowest part to really show off your hour glass figure.

I'm a hips girl and find this kind of look hard to wear too, but I get sick of my floral dresses all the time, they're too girly. This is a sleek grown up look.

The Cat Hag said...

That's a really nice outfit, it shows off your shape and your casual style. :)

The Cat Hag

Maria Fallon said...

Michelle- Thank you. I was just saying how much I loved your style, you always look so nice <3

Hannah- Thank you :)

Claire- You alwyas look gorgeous, trousers or not! And penpally goodness is a go go!

Sarah- Bouncy aka wild! :P I just think the photos don't make it look as nice as it was!

Rebecca- Thank you :)

Lizzy- Thank you, I do love dresses etc but sometimes I want to look a bit more sophisticated :)

Addie- Thank you :)

Maria xxx

PinkBow said...

yes, i often wear things that don't suit my shape. but i think you really suit this outift and the shoes are adorable!

Maria Fallon said...

Paula- Thank you, the shoes are probably my favourites! :)

Maria xxx

daisychain said...

I think you look amazing in this outfit Maria, and omg I loveeeeee those shoes x

Anonymous said...

I like it! & the shoes are so nice! xo.

Yu said...

Idk what you're on about I think the pants look really nice on you!

That being said, Idk if I'd be confident about wearing them, it's probably a matter of comfort zone and whatnot, but it looks lovely on you! :)

Maria Fallon said...

Laura- Thank you and these really are the shoes of dreams! :)

Kelly- Thank you love :)

Yu- Aww thank you love, I love the outfit I just don't think it's necessarily as flattering :)

Maria xxx

Ella said...

you look so so so gorgeous in this outfit! i always want your hair too xx

helen turnbull said...

I echo these sentiments exactly. You look reallly good in the mirror but sometimes the camera just doesnt want to show it. I love these pants, perfect fit.

Thanks for your comment :).

Helen, X